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Our Vision for today was sent in by our new friend, Linda Johnson, and it's got our wheels a-turnin'. Thank You for the Good News, Linda! She says:

Dear Tony,
Thank you for everything. In 2 short days (since receiving The Intenders Handbook), creative ideas are ushering forth. One I feel compelled to share with you as the idea manifested in direct response to your words regarding the "media hype" that we humans are bombarded with when watching TV. And most of us humans have and watch TV at our own discretion.

I see the "Intenders" reaching out to millions with a new GOOD NEWS News broadcast that provides the viewers with Good News from around the globe. It is a fun, joyful, uplifting, educational, inspiring and resourceful broadcast............perhaps produced by Oprah Winfrey???? Perhaps a percentage of the proceeds is contributed to a positive humanitarian cause: the Homeless, Endangered Animals, hungry children, the environment, etc.

And, of course, more and more people will become aware of The Intenders by watching the GOOD NEWS.
May your day be glorious!

Are you in Alignment with me?


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