A Vision for Glamour

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We envision a world where everyone sees the natural beauty in everyone else; where judgments based on a person's looks are no longer made because we have all learned to distinguish the difference between our appearance and our content; where we are all honoring and respecting each other, not for the cosmetics and adornments we cover our bodies with, but, instead, for our measure of character, our skills, our integrity, our ability to respond and to express our love and compassion toward our fellow travelers.

As a result, we see a world where our obsession with glamour has gone by the wayside, where the competition for who looks "the best" has been abandoned, and where men and women alike are treated equally and fairly, whether they "dress-up" or not.

Indeed, we see a world full of happy people because we have completely understood that we are all equal but different; and that a person's security (or insecurity) and self-worth are no longer measured by how they appear on the outside, but by who they are on the inside.

And perhaps most importantly, we envision ourselves living in a world where everyone - young and old, short and tall, fat and thin, black, white, yellow, red or blue - feels good about themself, no matter what.


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