A Vision for Gardens.

The Vision Alignment Project


When was the last time you walked through a beautiful garden? If it's been a while, we recommend that you do so - and, as you walk, imagine, for a moment, how this Earth would look to you if, long ago, we had created and planted gardens everywhere.

What would the world look like if we had, as our highest priority, to beautify it?

For us, we see a world where everywhere you walk, everywhere you look - in the neighborhoods, yards, parks, along roadsides and city streets, surrounding businesses and governmental buildings - there are gardens filled with flowers and fruits of all kinds; where so much fruit, so many vegetables and herbs, so many edible plants are in such great abundance that you can pick whatever you want to eat anywhere, anytime; that instead of going to the grocery store, you can take a walk and eatyour fill of the most healthful, delicious foods for free.

And when your walk is over, you notice that your Spirit has also been nourished simply by you having mingled with the flowers and trees along the way.

In addition, we see a world where the people are tending to each other in the same way they tend to their beautiful gardens; where each person shines, radiantly, because they're being cared for and given everything they need in order to grow, thrive, and blossom in all their glory.


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