A Vision for Family Love and Inter-generational Harmony.

The Vision Alignment Project


Today's Vision was sent in by Marianne Vigeland and we think it is one of our best! Indeed, when this Vision comes to pass, this world will be a much better place. Thank you, Marianne! She says:

We see a world where the natural love of parents for children and children for parents has become firmly established in every home; where the media-generated expectation for conflict and division has withered away and multi-generational households nurture, respect and care for infants, young children, adolescents, young adults, adults and elders in a symbiotic net of affection, where brothers and sisters support and counsel one another.

We see a world where young couples develop their relationships in extended families, offering sweethearts space, shelter and wise advice, the opportunity to learn habits of mutuality and generosity, preparing them to become good parents in their turn. We see a world where every child has a constellation of loving adults ready to feed, clothe, educate, advise and play with the precious young, where the young people treasure and respect the elderly for their work and wisdom. A world where all people enjoy family love and everyone has an extended family of several generations, ready to guide, help and love.


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