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This Vision is dedicated to our Intenders Office Manager, Vicki Harding, who is so passionate about this subject that in every Intenders Circle she's been in for the last 5 years, she has intended that all manmade boundaries be erased.

We picture a world with no borders or boundary lines; where everyone sees our beautiful planet as if they were gazing down from space seeing only the natural topography instead of the manmade maps that were set up to keep us apart from each other.

We envision a world where everyone respects the homes and properties of others; where there is no need for having fences or walls, locks or dogs, security guards or soldiers in order to keep others out because no one would consider taking anything from anyone else. Indeed, there is no need for boundaries when everyone is doing unto others as they would have done unto themselves.

Accordingly, we see a world where we honor our humanity, where we see all others as our brothers and sisters, and where everyone enjoys the same opportunities to be creative and successful in fulfilling their life's calling here on this Earth. And we see a world, then, where peace has settled over the land, everywhere, because we have risen above all of our separatist conditioning, seen through the illusions which serve the few, dismantled our crossing gates, thrown away our passports, and come together in the name of one world freely accessible to all.


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