A Vision for an Explosion of Love.

The Vision Alignment Project


Our Vision today comes in from Stephen Nalty and it says much about what we who started The VAP were envisioning when we created this wondrous project. Thank You, Stephen! He says: 

We intend & envision an explosion of love enveloping & rendering harmless all other types of explosions & transmuting their force into the power of love. We see explosions of brilliantly, never seen before, colored rainbows everywhere followed by the appearance spectacular Mecca's. We hear explosions of musical rapture; the powerful, yet gentle, sound of trumpets throughout the cosmos. We feel explosions of orgasmic sensations coursing through our veins & all throughout our bodies. We smell explosions of delicate & delightful fragrances that we never experienced before. We know that the love is exploding within, around & throughout all that is simultaneously. We feel a sense of gratitude & appreciation so profound that we have to pinch ourselves. We feel a deep, deep sense of peace & unconditional love that we have searching for so very, very long.

And we now know that we are loved, no matter what.


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