A Vision for Adversity

The Vision Alignment Project

Here is a wonderful Vision sent to us from Michele Boucher from Canada. Thank you, Michele!

Plain and simple. I NOW Live and Breathe in a World in which the Golden Rule is anchored into the Divine Hearts of each Man, Woman and Child who inhabit our most precious and bountiful Mother Earth. "As you do unto others, so you do upon yourselves."

There is a benevolent and beneficent wind traversing the globe and it carries with it a most promising message of connection and peace. Each of us nourishes the Divine Matrix, raising the vibration of Gaia, thereby shifting All That Is into Heaven on Earth.

We Breathe a Collective Sigh of relief as our hearts simultaneously anchor the fifth dimension into the Cosmic Grid.

With Gratitude Unparalleled, So Be It and So It Is!





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