A Vision for a Perfect World.

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The Vision for today is so befitting since it is the first one to come in following our having reached the Million Alignment Mark. It was sent in by Annette Bays in Canada and says so much about what we are intending to create for our world and everyone in it. Thank you, Annette - and now let's go for the next Million Alignments!

Hi Tony and friends,
I wanted to say hello and thank you for all you do. I am just reading "The Code", but I have been studying and trying to practice 'the truth' since I was about 12. It seems I can always do with more inspiration and reminding of how and where I should be spending my energy. You inspired me to put into words my vision for the world I would like to see, and of course, I see it manifest NOW and eternally sustained! So, I'd like to share it with you.
In Love and Light,
Annette, Ontario, Canada

I See a Perfect World. I see our glorious Mother Earth shining like a Sun in space, illuminated by the light of our love - the love and joy and gratitude of every person living on this planet. We are all living in Perfect Harmony with one another. All animals are treated with love and respect and in response they all have peaceful, loving attitudes. We live our lives in peace, ease, and abundance. We work for the good of all and as custodians of this world we all work together tocreate the perfect environment.

We can communicate with the fairy world, with the animals, and with spirit. We all know why we are here, and where exactly we are meant to be. All families, industry, countries, are functioning in perfect harmony and honesty. Justice prevails. Joy abounds. Everyone lives in a perfectly free, honest state, knowing they can expect honesty and respect from everyone they meet. Everyone on the planet has more than enough of everything they need. Technology is well advanced, travel is almostinstantaneous, cheap, and limitless. We can work as much or as little as we want and have plenty of leisure time. Education is free and only teaches the universal truth. There is so much for us to learn. Entertainment is all positive, humorous, clever, often touching, and educational. Our families from other planets, and from the Inner Earth, walk and talk freely among us, and we can visit their homes.

There is so much joy and excitement, and anticipation in the air - always fulfilled. Every being on the planet is healed of all their complaints. We can bring ourselves back to perfect health in our bodies and our minds - we can be young again. Mother Earth is also entirely healed, all physical and psychic scars are gone. There is only beauty to be seen everywhere, in every direction. All buildings blend perfectly with their environment and only add to the beauty. Music fills the air.

I ask that the Highest Good is served for the Universe, myself, and all concerned.


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