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daily inspiration 26 april 2019.

As we move beyond the enormous belief patterns of the collective we attune with cosmic consciousness and the many facets of our unique soul. Boundaries and limitations fall away enabling our soul to create a unified force through which a new reality of love, harmony, balance and peace can emerge. In this reality our soul consciousness is able to expand and reconnect with its full potential.

Your call now is to take big, bold steps into the unknown. To leave the past behind and get your priorities straight. Hidden fears and suppressed emotions may still be arising. Be kind, gentle and compassionate with yourself but do not let your doubts deter you or keep your bound. Let go of old comforts. Now is the time to move beyond obstacles and challenges. Your duty is to remember your old and wise soul, to uncover its truth and to break through that which continues to cloud your inner divine light. Take appropriate action. Practice emotional and mental discipline and seek to become a master of self. Do not turn your back on the world. Face it head on and you will come to see and understand just how connected, centred and filled with purpose you are.
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