February 2019 

Energy Forecast

Your Monthly Spiritual Roadmap

By Emmanuel Dagher

January 31, 2019

My friend,
It’s always an honor for me to connect with your beautiful Spirit in this way. We have so much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it.
A Great Relief
February will bring with it a great deal of relief for everyone, especially when it comes to our physical and emotional well-being.
It’s becoming more apparent now than ever that what we focus on is being amplified.
This amplification is working in two different ways:
For those who operate from a primal, survival-based awareness, things are becoming much more challenging and intense.
For those who operate from a compassionate, loving, and awakened awareness, opportunities to expand, heal, and evolve in joyful ways are showing up everywhere.
February will offer everyone a time of relief, especially when it comes to any challenges we’re experiencing.
This opening in the energies is designed to help us easily experience what it’s like to operate outside of auto-pilot mode.
It offers us a clear reference point for how it feels to be present and clear enough to recognize the personal patterns, behaviors, routines, and actions we have outgrown, and are ready to let go of.
This energetic opening is also designed to help us learn about which new patterns, behaviors, routines, and actions can help us align with the purest, most abundant, most empowered aspects of ourselves.
If we are able to learn the lessons and integrate into our lives the new blessings this time of relief has to offer, we will find life to be much more enjoyable and fulfilling, and will have a far smoother experience in the coming months and years.
Familiar, Yet New
In February, as we move through a time of relief, many of us will feel like ourselves again.
Feeling like ourselves is a relaxing experience that allows us to feel at home and settled in our body, mind, and energy. It brings us feelings of safety and comfort.
When we operate in auto-pilot mode, this feeling often feels to be missing, because we are not present enough in our beingness to notice it.
February will allow us to feel like ourselves again, in a way that is fresh and new.
In the January Forecast, we touched on the idea that in 2019, many of us will feel as if we’ve awakened from a dream in which we had been hibernating.
This will begin in February, and continue to grow throughout the rest of the year.
Light and Bright
Over the next few weeks, we will find ourselves desiring to laugh, play, and nurture our inner child even more. It will feel natural and easy to express ourselves in this way, even if we haven’t allowed that in the past.
Laughter, fun, and play are a reflection of who we are at our core, before many of us decided to put them aside and let life harden us.
Laughing, having fun, and playing are all keys to becoming enlightened.
Often, enlightenment is thought of as a “quest” or something we have to be serious about. However, it couldn’t be further from this.
Enlightenment is not about spending our whole life sitting on top of a mountain and meditating. Although if that brings us joy and fulfillment, it could very well lead to it.
Enlightenment is about giving ourselves permission to simplify our lives and “to lighten up.”
Can you imagine what life would look like if we made it a top priority to laugh, play, and lighten up every day?
The rational (left-brain) part of the mind would create stories such as, “It’s silly and childish to behave this way!” Yet that is just a coping method the mind uses to fend off change, not a Universal truth.
So, recognizing that that’s just the mind’s way of perpetuating survival-based thinking to carry on the best way it knows how, helps us realize that we don’t have to believe the thoughts the mind is having,
We can choose to laugh and play, and allow ourselves to lighten up instead.
As we move forward, let’s give ourselves permission to laugh, play, and lighten up. This will open us up to new people, places, experiences, blessings, and opportunities that reflect the magic inside of us.
Being Proactive
February is an excellent time for us to be proactive when it comes to creating the highest vision we have for our lives.
Being proactive can show up in different ways for each of us.
Here are just a few examples of how we may be called to take action right now:
Start a project
Invest in something new (a business, our well-being, etc.)
Tie up loose ends from the past (personal, financial, etc.)
Move to a new location
Begin a new job
Change our diet and wellness protocol
Start new relationships or rekindle a current or previous one
Begin a new class or course
Whatever inspirations, ideas, and insights you receive, write them down and reflect on them often. This will help the mind, because it loves organizing things.
Then, when guided by your intuition, allow yourself to be proactive in allowing these inspirations, ideas, and insights to be expanded upon in ways that support expressing your creativity.
With the energetic relief February will bring, we have the opportunity of receiving abundant new blessings that may have felt closed off to us before now.
May the month of February shower all of us with abundant laughter, play, joy, and all of life’s most wonderful blessings!
Until next time,
Miraculously yours,
Emmanuel Dagher

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