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The Beloved One.

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Message received by Lytske

Urantia, December 30, 2019

Posted January 31, 2020

The Beloved One: “Open still more the chamber of your heart for you to be able to sense Me. Because of not knowing what to expect, and yet having the urge and the courage to delve into unexplored territory within yourself, you need to give Me more of your mind. In this fashion I can make Myself more clearly understood about what it is that I need from you. 

“Yes, I the God of your being also have needs and desires. I need to be listened to without your thoughts intruding, for that is the only way you can hear My Voice, unhindered by your thoughts of petty matters. 

“If you decide on a God-guided life, then it is important that you place My thoughts before yours. Is that difficult, you think? Not really. It is as simple as dedicating your will, that is already in place with the training to teach you this. May I remind you that you always pray ‘May God’s will be done in all ways, always’. This is already a step ahead of the rote prayer: ‘Gods will be done’. For now you have actively engaged your trust that God’s will, will be done. 

“You have handed over matters to Me, so I can handle things the way in which things are best accomplished, and by the quickest method for Me to teach you My ways. After each new thing learned, there are still more lessons waiting for you. You have such an incredible unknown potential, and by coming to Me on a regular basis, I can intuit more to you on a regular basis. 

“There is so much to impart, but I cannot teach you these as long as you remain in kindergarten. We are nearing a time of graduation of a kind, so you can advance to the next level of training, in which a greater service is expected of you, to the glory of the Eternal God. When you fully dedicate yourself to Me, great things will happen, and seeming wonders shall unfold. Be at all times mindful of your willingness towards Me, to become more pronounced in your life. 
“A spirit-led life, your life will be.”

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I am the satisfaction of your Soul – The Beloved One.

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