A Special Portal You Have Opened.

A Message to Lightworkers 

Collective of Guides.

Through Caroline Oceana Ryan.

April 24th, 2020


This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:


Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.
We see many of you working very hard at times to readjust your energies as higher Light pours in.
Much Angelic and extraterrestrial assistance is likewise pouring in, in answer to millions of people’s requests for assistance for the planet and humanity.
We wish to assure you that these requests and appeals are always answered.
We are, as they say, “busier than usual,” not in the sense of “not enough time in the day,” but in the sense of the intensity and focus being applied now to assist the human condition, and all you travel through currently.
You yourselves have opened a special portal through which higher energies can arrive to Earth and all of humanity, and particularly those who are experiencing more than usual amounts of hunger, loss, poverty, and illness.
For one, you have requested such, and for another, the immensity of your etheric efforts, in requesting and requiring our assistance at this crucial time, is more powerful than you could know.
Likewise your own actions, as you work in the etheric in your sleep state each night, have opened the doorway wide for much to flow through that is of higher vibrational purpose and intent.
Now would be the time to ask yourselves, “Am I holding a higher vibration and intent in my waking hours? Or am I just trying to get through every day without undue stress and anxiety?”
We speak of stress over health matters, or about a job or business, or bills to pay, or friends or family members who are struggling now, even if you are not.
Understandably, much that was business as usual a month or two ago is no longer such.
And yet, we see occurring all around and within you now the shifts you have long clamored for; they have simply arrived in a different way than you would have preferred.
There is also the matter of what you call “the rollout” of new technologies that many find harmful to living beings.
We are assisting you in this also, assisting in moving your vibration (as you also endeavor to raise it) to where you are above the effects of those technologies, and able to assist others in doing so as well.
And there is the increasing amount of new Light data flowing to you, increasing your cells’ ability to hold Light, as you engage in new and higher forms of communication with your soul and soul family, increasing your inner abilities, including what you call telepathy.
So that even though many dire messages are being extended to you now via the media, while disruptive technologies are being sent around Earth’s atmosphere, these do not outrun your own increasing empowerment.
Nor do they block out the fact that your own perceptions are growing to where you see and accept the much, much bigger picture.
We would say, that many of you have helped draw up the designs for much of what is occurring now—beyond the astrological alignments which you have chosen to take full advantage of—as new gateways open over the next two and a half years or more that make forms of inner realization and recognition of one’s higher path far, far easier to achieve than ever before.
They are also the doorways to many new forms of the New Earth which you have envisioned over many lifetimes.
You are safely, happily, though in some ways, shakily leaving the third dimension fully behind, though yes, there is a contingent that would prefer you not realize that now or ever.
We would say, there is no hiding it from you now, even if it were to be hidden from you in some ways—it could never escape your growing awareness of the energies flowing to you now, and what they portend.
And so though this appears to be a time of difficulty for many, know that most people at this time of great shift and new beginnings have badly needed to step off the daily treadmill and to view their lives with fresh eyes—many, for the first time.
And that nearly all who leave the planet now have chosen to do so on a higher level.
They will continue their Earth missions from a far more elevated vibration than was possible while in physical body.
They will return to you when the time is right.
Nor do you ever fully “lose” a loved one—those whom you have known outside of all time-space, on a soul level.
Their love for you, and your love for them, remains intact, without invasion of each other’s energies, or demands regarding when they arrive upon the Earth, or when they choose to leave.
Can this be changed at all, this choosing of the hour, date, and place of one’s leaving?
Most assuredly—if you prefer to Ascend and remain on the Earth rather than move out of the physical body and leave it behind, that is your decision to make.
We would say, be aware that much purification and strengthening of the mental and emotional bodies will be needed, and the physical body also cleansed and strengthened, in order to make the transition to crystalline Light body as smooth as possible.
And so, a very clean diet, full of pure water, fresh vegetables and fruits, and the kind of exercise that gives you not only muscle strength but endurance, would be called for, in addition to much meditation and time in Nature.
The heartfelt desire to serve others, to serve Lady Gaia in Her recovery from eons of harm, and the desire to live as your higher self, are also required.
There is much we could write on that subject, but we will simply say for now that this “pause” as it is wisely being called, is part of the path of Ascension that reveals to you much of your inner life—what requires healing now, what must be released, and what must be developed.
We do not say “attained,” for you are complete, dear ones.
You have within you all that is needed—yes, to move beyond this time of being socially isolated from one another, beyond the news reports and the “scare tactics,” beyond the feelings of unsureness that the ego-mind will exert.
And beyond the personality identifications that the Earth self has declared necessary for so long.
All is Well, even if you feel your checkbook does not always reflect such.
If you are still healthy, or basically so, give thanks and know that an even greater health desires to come to you now.
If you have any food, shelter, or money at all, give thanks and know that an even greater outer Abundance desires to come to you.
If you have any job or business to which you can return when the time is right, again—give Thanks, and know that your presence is invaluable to all whom you see each day.
You may have your times of wondering which news report to believe, which video to trust, which channeling to take seriously, and we understand this.
You have been trained to live in the left brain, more than in your heart.
And so only that which makes sense to the left-brain reasoning rings True some days, when in fact, a far greater Truth stands quietly within you.
And so now, a new caveat: When encountering any new information, ask your higher self, “Is this my higher truth? Is this something that is true for my path? Is it relevant for me?”—meaning, “Is it for my higher good?” before expending thought, emotion, and energy on it.
Then return to that calm inner place which you invest in above all else—that sense of Beingness that is the perfect reflection of the Universal flow of energy that knows only the present moment, and is at Peace with it.
Put them down, both the sword and the shield, dear ones. You have no enemies.
Accept your sovereignty, your inner strength, your true self.
Now is the time.
Namaste, dear ones—look up!
We are with you, always.
Caroline Oceana Ryan
Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2020.

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