A Show of Human Unity

Steve Beckow.

Golden Age of Gaia.

Posted March 19th, 2019 by Wes Annac.

What a unique situation we’re in. We’re losing people, whether or not it was in their soul agreement, and at the same time, this is a valuable occasion for human unity to emerge.
Think of it: Every single person on the planet faces the same situation. Everyone has a common fear. They fear catching Coronavirus (CV), passing it onto someone else, and either they or the other person dying.
Here we are as a global society, commonly battling a global virus, protecting our elderly and disabled worldwide, healing our sick, and mourning our victims – all of us, together, at the same time.
When has this level of common cause and effort ever happened except, say, at the beginning of a world war? But even then only some parts of the globe are affected; others are not. But this virus places everyone on Earth at risk.
And it isn’t driven by the War Department. It demands the cooperation – not the regimentation – of the citizenry. Without that, things get worse.
New measures such as finances for the whole population (the first baby steps towards a universal basic income) are occurring, significant common research efforts, the building of a web in science and the heath services that lies outside the normal allegiances. These direct contacts will, I hope, be relationship-building.
If I were in Stalinist Russia, I’d say none of that matters. But we’re not in Stalinist Russia and in the era of Ascension the building of relationships is important and has more promise than ever before. (1)
I therefore see Coronavirus as a great tragedy, yes, but one whose silver lining is that it brought the world together in a way that no other event I know of has done.
And to bring it together to promote healing, not conflict!
Let’s keep pulling together, drawing together (keeping social distance!), cooperating. What CV is calling upon us to do will prove in the long run to be a very good thing for us – it forced us to come together as a world and cooperate. It forced us to feel common cause with each other and everyone else in the world.
(1) Having said that, I have to admit that the nature of my work in the future will require me to have very few relationships:
Archangel Michael: We don’t want you to feel or to be beholden – financially, emotionally or spiritually – to anybody. …
We are setting up ways in which this, can we almost say, removes those heartstrings so that there is wisdom and balance and an understanding of the higher good [in your decision-making]. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 2, 2018.)
Steve Beckow



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