Collective of Guides.

Through Caroline Oceana Ryan.

November 22, 2019


This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:


Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.
Today we will answer a question sent in by a Light Bearer, who asks:
Recently I opened up to a friend about Ascension and my involvement as a Lightworker, and the in-depth energy work I do for Mother Earth.
My friend now thinks I am schizophrenic; completely crazy. Their reaction caught me off guard, because I thought they were more open to such things.
Is there a good way to share with others about the Ascension, and what Lightworkers do? Or is it best just to keep quiet about it?
This is an excellent question! And one that many face now.
We would say, that though your impulse to share with your friend was high and positive, it may be helpful to remember that not all “speak the same language” regarding the Ascension process.
Many would simply offer a blank look, were someone to mention the word “Ascension,” as it has not yet worked its way into everyday speech.
You are aware that everyone’s path is sacred, yet any one path can vary widely from another regarding a person’s conscious understanding.
So that what is natural and positive to you, and a very conscious process, may be strange-sounding and hard to follow for another.
That “cognitive dissonance” reaction is simply the ego-mind struggling to take in a possibility it had not counted on as possibly “real.”
Photo by Jennifer Scalia
Some are so practiced at meditation that they regularly move consciously amongst the dimensions, speak with beings who are entirely in Spirit, such as their guides and higher self, and feel energetic presences far more keenly and consciously than others.
This does not mean that their friends and family are not also seeking the Light, merely that their conscious minds have labeled that journey in different or more mainstream terms.
Or their minds have compartmentalized their path as “spiritual stuff,” and not for everyday discussion.
When you wish to share a bit about your path with a friend or family member, or even a complete stranger, understand that a number of things are happening.
For one, this person and millions of others are actually experiencing much of what you yourself are experiencing, it’s just that they do it quite unconsciously.
The Universal travel you undertake, and the higher beings you are with as you heal and purify the Earth, amongst other Lightwork, is done in your sleep state as well as in your waking hours.
Yet for many who have not yet acquired a sense of ease and comfort with that sort of conscious ceremony and energy work, this is too much to integrate at the moment.

Many do similar work to what you yourself perform, yet they do it unconsciously. 
Their etheric travels and much of their energy work take place in their sleep state.
In their waking hours, they simply live as they were trained to live, with no conscious connection to their etheric travels or the Light they are integrating into Earth life.
You have consciously tapped into past life memories in which you performed much the same ceremony and healing that you perform now.
Many are experiencing the surfacing of memories in which they were healers, shamans, seers, astrologers, animal and plant communicators, and far more.
Yet they seek to repress these memories at times, as so many with these gifts were, in other Earth lives, persecuted and ostracized, or punished and executed traumatically.
Not only are the memories difficult to unearth, due to the pain within them, but the subconscious will often seek to protect its “person” by keeping knowledge of spiritual gifts and abilities hidden from them.
Photo by Lynne Newman
Though the lid is lifting on these abilities and conscious awareness of them (and a person’s whole soul history), there are still a number of layers to be gone through before the average person is more fully aware of Who they really are, and what they have traveled through.
And so we would say, before you speak with someone about things that are deeply important to you, you might want to muscle test first, to see if you should mention them only lightly, if at all.
Ask the question inwardly, “Would they be open to this, even unconsciously?” and see if your body seems to lean forward a bit, for example, as a Yes answer, or if it pulls back as a No.
You might also feel a Yes or No deep in your being, according to whether your body tightens up a bit, particularly in the gut area, or relaxes.
To mention something in a light way, you might say, for example, “I have a few spiritual practices I do that are very Earth-based. They’re a sort of prayer of healing for the Earth.”
More detail can be offered if the person asks to hear more.
If the whole issue feels to be too heavy to wander into, they may not say anything, or just respond with a polite “Oh! That’s good . . . ” or something similar.
Again—listen to your intuition, and take a moment to ask your higher self if this is someone who will be relaxed and open to hearing more about your spiritual journey.
It can help tremendously to join groups of spiritually aware people whom you are happy and comfortable around, as it is deep in human consciousness to want a “tribal” or intuitive connection with others.
Yet in general, we would say, venture a bit of information first. See how that is received, then proceed if the other person is open to it.
It can happen that a person acts interested, then later mentions to someone else, “My friend is really nuts!” This is not usual.
Understand that you cannot make someone who operates on a very young-and-untraveled level move forward any more quickly than they desire to.
You yourself may desire to move ahead more quickly some days in your evolvement, yet your higher self will hold you back from certain forms of Knowing until you have dealt with certain areas of your spirit and psyche that require more growth or healing.
You may be wondering, “What if I ask my Spirit team whether to open up about these issues, and I don’t get an answer?”
Many Light Bringers will say they cannot hear or sense their intuitive inner voice, yet we have found this to be true of only a very few.
Photo by Jennifer Scalia
The difficult part is recognizing the voice of your higher self—your intuition—and honoring it, even when you do not yet have the outer evidence to see why that is the wiser path to take.
So start small, and do it each day. Ask inwardly something simple, such as “Should I have a salad for lunch?” or something similar—something with no real risk involved.
Listen inwardly for words or inner nudges. Note physical responses to an idea.
Let your higher self know you require that he or she speak to you energetically, and that those ideas filter into your own thinking.
That wisdom will come in as a thought with a beautiful feeling of Lightness around it.
As you have the courage to follow that higher path, and to honor the messages you are given—yes, it becomes increasingly easier to hear and act upon that wisdom.
Namaste, dear ones!
We are thrilled at your willingness to celebrate your travels with others, and we bow to your grace and innate capability to straddle so many worlds at once, while remaking your own!

We are with you, always.

Caroline Oceana Ryan
Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2019.

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