A Message to Lightworkers 

Collective of Guides.

Through Caroline Oceana Ryan.

February 14th, 2020


This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:


Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.
We see many of you dealing now with feelings of confusion and upset at different times, and an uplifted happiness at other times.
And we wish to assure you this is nothing unusual, as many millions are experiencing this now in the Light of the energy shifts that have come to your planet over the last few months.
We have noted previously that these shifts can be accompanied by physical and emotional symptoms that may have you worried or unsure at times.
Understand that you are not alone in assisting the Earth and all upon Her in this movement out of low density to a much higher one.
And know that you are being assisted in new and empowering ways by those who have long been by your side in the etheric, and who are now reaching into human affairs to assist with what in the past has appeared immovable and unredeemable.
More assuredly, some of these assisting you are your galactic brothers and sisters.
You have sensed their presence often, and increasingly numbers of you are noting their visible ships in the skies.
At times, some are meeting them in person, though among some of these beings, their apparently human appearance belies their “foreignness.”
Photo by Sherri Bausch
As these moments of connection and realization occur, dear ones, you raise not only your own vibration, but that of your entire planet and your human race.
All feel the shift on one subtle level or another, and may decide from there whether or not to collectively add to or join in on that frequency.
In this way you become co-Creators of one heart-mind, as a special Oneness once scarce on the Earth, is now becoming more and more prevalent, and even commonplace amidst children and other pure souls.
We mention the increasingly galactic presence and integration into your world not so that you may feel, “Oh, at last—our rescuers have arrived!!” for that is not their objective.
Nor do Angels and higher beings of any kind intend to pull you out of the journey you so carefully designed before incarnating, to spare you the trouble of dissolving the density you intentionally walked into.
We mention this to spur you on—to remind you that you too are partakers of the energies and endless expansion of the higher realms.
You have many times spoken with them in your sleep state as you travel etherically with your soul family to assist in various missions on- and off-planet, on the ships and on planes of pure energy.
You are also being assisted by those Angelic forces, including Light Beings, whose job it is to assist Earth in Her Ascension and Her re-integration into the Intergalactic Confederation.
How is this possible, when you have heard for so long that they are not permitted to intervene?
We would say, each time you meditate and clear another form of trauma or dense resistance to becoming your higher self—
Each time you grasp some new bit of Wisdom on a heart level, activating the high heart frequencies to new levels—
Each time you give up your third dimensional need for “physical proof” and “outer results” in favor of understanding that all times are Now, and that any beautiful reality may likewise occur Now, if you are willing to envision such and hold it as “real” and present, in the deepest part of your heart—
And that the co-Creation you seek is within you, and not sitting around waiting to appear at the behest of someone with highly advanced technologies or Angel wings—
Each time you move into those spaces, you are your own freeing and empowering forces.
Photo by Meta Cerar
You are without doubt the Activators and Empowered enablers (in a good way) of that which you once thought without hope, without redeemable value.
And now, as you ponder the seemingly intractable sadness, brokenness, and corruption of the world around you—now is the perfect time to concentrate on the miracles of your high and beautiful presence having arrived into the middle of that morass.
For while you have hopefully looked to the skies in this and other Earth lives, hoping assistance would come forth, we would say, the irony is complete.
You are the ones who came to assist.
You are the activators and anchors Light—the help you are seeking.

Hence the Hopi elders’ prophecy, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”
In literal terms, “We are our own rescuers.”

And in that case—how is a rescue even necessary?
Most assuredly, call upon the help of higher beings all you wish, and be assured that no entreaty goes unanswered.
Merely, we would say, do not be surprised if it is your own presence, your own energetic influence, your own Love of Earth life that ends up being the crucial ingredient to Her Ascension that you seek.
Namaste, dear ones!
We are with you, always.
Caroline Oceana Ryan
Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2020.

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