Collective of Guides.

Through Caroline Oceana Ryan.

December 20th, 2019


This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:


Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.
Today our writer has asked us to address the issue many are feeling now (by which we mean most Light Bearers currently on Earth).
And that is, “With all this higher Light coming into the planet, there are some saying, ‘Now you will be able to move up to higher dimensional realities, reclaim your 12-strand DNA, and manifest more of what you desire,’ etc. Which is perfectly nice.
“But what about the fact that all this Light is drawing up everything we can no longer live with? That can be a very uncomfortable place to be. I have never felt more stretched and challenged!”
We would agree that this is a very unusual time, not only for the continuous waves of higher Light now weaving their way into your everyday realities—your world’s goings on, your energy systems, and your mental, emotional, and physical bodies.
You spirit is likewise readjusting, because there is so much that human beings take on over centuries of 3D living that clashes with what is natural to them in the higher realms.
That clash is never pleasant, when experienced in a physical body.
You may be thinking, “I Am growing Lighter, therefore I should be more joyful, not less! What is happening that all this sadness, anger, feelings of grief or loss are coming up?
“It’s too much some days. I manage to throw it off and feel better for a bit, and then it all crowds in again, demanding to be heard . . . ”
The voices demanding to be heard, though they may not be speaking in words, are the experiences of this and other Earth lives, and lives lived elsewhere.
They are explaining to you that your body can no longer support certain ideas, emotions, resonances, frequencies, if it is going to move into a higher vibrational level.

Photo by Renee Turcotte
It is similar to someone who is renting a house from you, explaining that there are workers everywhere, dust everywhere, floorboards pulled up, the sound of hammers pounding and saws whirring away at all hours.
How is this a place to live? they ask.
And this is essentially what you are saying, and our compassion for what you journey through now is great, because this cannot be a smooth way to travel through life.
This is why a daily time of releasing everything that no longer suits your higher good—now and in future—is imperative now.
We would say, simply sit with your higher self, guides, Angels, soul, and any higher guides you wish to call in.
Write down or speak aloud that which you can no longer hold within as your reality.
It may be an identification with victimhood.
It may be the ongoing feeling that you never do enough—that others come first no matter what, and that your job or business, or your role as a parent, is your justification for being alive.
It may be the feeling that you are owed a great deal; that you were robbed long ago, yet no one has answered for this.
It could be occasional bouts of sadness, grief, rage, feelings of being lost, abandoned, ostracized, that you have yet to anchor in any one event or experience.
What is it that you are carrying that you can carry no longer, dear ones? Only you can answer this.
If you are unsure of what it is—what traumas or other jarring experiences have created this great shadow or weight you feel inside—call out to your higher self, and require that they pull the energy of that identification and all involved in it completely out of your life energies.
It may feel as if you are giving up a large part of who you are, yet we assure you, that dense emotion, false belief system, or false and weighty sense of responsibility is not who you are.
It was something you took on long ago to survive—a reaction to what you could not bear otherwise.
It is now crying out to be released, as it cannot bear to exist in the midst of your own increasing vibration.
None of this is you, per se—the anger, the feelings of loss or dislocation, the feelings of never being or doing or having enough.
Your True Self is a miraculous Being who lives entirely in the present, and is never without what they require for their life path.
Never without a warm smile for those they greet, and never without a reason for Thankfulness.
You are that bright and beautiful one who very nearly doesn’t need resilience to handle stresses and shocks, because they no longer live in reaction to what occurs to or around them.
They allow all of Life to flow by and through them, noting different vibrational sounds, shapes, and colors, yet never needing to judge a thing as good or bad.

Photo by Jennifer Scalia

Are there things that are still in shadow on planet Earth?
Yes, of course—and your compassion and sharpening awareness will note that fully now.
The paradox is that your own exponential growth now requires you to detach even from the sadness of seeing another’s pain, as you finally, fully release your own.
There is nowhere to hide, dear ones.
You will have days yet where you wonder, When will the onslaught end? And that is understandable.
You who have volunteered to come forth at this time have taken a sudden sharp turn—a crash course you might say, in releasing the density of 3D living, so that you may Ascend.
And so that you may reincarnate again on Earth or elsewhere, without the depth of old shadows trailing behind you, and old density weighing you down.
Much of what the human heart determines as necessary—becoming closed and careful, judging others, choosing belief systems over intuitive Knowing—is simply an exercise in self-protection.
Imagine the power of the one who does not require self-protection to make their way through their day!
Imagine the strength of the one who takes each moment not as a personal boost or affront, but simply as Life in its endless stream, flowing through and all around them and billions of others.
This need not be your toughest Earth life, in the sense that you need not be “stuck” in the patterns of this or any life’s energies, unless you choose to be.
We realize that words alone do not heal; ideas alone do not suffice to make your burdens lighter.
And so we work with you all energetically, to assist you in finally releasing the False Self, which you created in this and so many other lives so that you might survive your surroundings and the prevailing power structure of those times.
Yet we assure you, that survival mechanism is no longer necessary, and has well outlived its usefulness.

“Christmas Baby” – Painting by Jennifer Scalia
You have come forward at this time to release all self-protection, as you realize that what these others have done to you, or to the smallest, most innocent child, has nothing to do with anyone, except the aggressors themselves.
You are seeing now that they have laid a trap for themselves, into which they will fall in time, unless they awaken and realize the False Self they created, and the machinations involved in keeping that self active and creating what their ego-mind requires.
Rather than blame or pity them, tell them, “Thank you for pointing out to me what is probably a millennia-old wound, because now I can let it come up, feel it, and release it for all time.”
Then let them go.
You have nothing more to say to them. Perhaps some of them are your friends in higher dimensions, doing you an odd sort of favor, as you may have done for them in other lives—helping you to heal that which you have carried for far too long.
Our writer will at times remember the words of the character of Baby Suggs to Sethe, the lead character in Toni Morrison’s immortal work, Beloved:
“Lay em down, Sethe. Sword and shield. Down. Down. Both of em down. Down by the riverside. Sword and shield. Don’t study war no more. Lay all that mess down. Sword and shield.”
Yes—the aggression of the sword, the self-protection of the shield. The time for both is ended.
You know that, dear ones!
With your very presence, you announce it to the world, or you would not be here now.


We send our Love, friends, with support for all you journey through now!

And we are with you, always.

Caroline Oceana Ryan
Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2019.

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