A Lesson in Learning.

The Beloved One.

Is The Teacher

Message received by Lytske

Urantia, April 21, 2020

Posted May 7th, 2020

The Beloved One: Wait before Me in the Silence. Allow a holy hush to fall upon you. When your own thoughts intrude, let them go by without diverting your attention. Let it flow, let it flow. Give Me your total intention and attention. In the holy hush is My Presence and I am without time. There is never any time limit with Me.

You have now begun a deeper training, although it has always been the same. This training is designed to lead you deeper into yourself and closer to Me. Yes I know, that it sounds a bit like a contradiction, because I am closer than your hands and feet and closer than your breath. I exist within you in My secret place and yet to you I seem miles away.

This is the reason why we embark on this venture for you to learn, not only with your mind but also with your whole heart, that I am here. I need you to understand, that I am part of God, a Fragment so to speak, and I carry the attributes of God in Me, which I am willing to share with you, as soon as you show a readiness therefore.

It all has to do with spiritual growth, which is just as necessary for a human being as physical, mental and emotional growth is necessary for a new-born baby. So are humans new-born in spirit, and it is up to the parents to teach a child right from wrong at the earliest age possible, then when the child makes independently its first conscious decision between right and wrong, at that very moment a Fragment of God comes to indwell that human mind as a spirit helper, and is called a Thought Adjuster.

>From this very important moment on, the human being is never alone, as its T.A struggles within to help grow and nurture the human soul. Once clarity dawns and the human realizes that it possesses this great Gift of God, it has the choice to co-operate with this Gift. It is the opportunity of the ages.

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