A Gift Within Itself

El Morya

Via Sharon Stewart

Posted May 1st, 2020



I am El Morya with a message for those who are here to change this world.

Do not lament your gift. Expect nothing in return. Your gift is your gift to yourself. Still the part of your mind that inquires, “What do I get in return for this gift which I give this earth?” You have your gift. That is what you get in return for being able to use your powers, it is a gift within itself and to use it appropriately, it must be bestowed upon others – given away. That is how your gift(s) work.

The ego laments. It wishes something in exchange for the giving that your heart has proffered. This is the way you have been taught and this must be dispensed with. The gift of your power itself is your blessing. Still the selfish part of your mind that expects exchange. This is a design that suits the physical mind, however it is not of heaven.

Imagine those still caught in thoughts of helplessness, and now you will appreciate your ability to change the skies above you to blue. Imagine those who live in fear and starvation, and you will appreciate the gift you have to call in divine forces to improve your current circumstance. Imagine those who have lived and died in vain, and you will respect your gift to speak to those who have mastered your world, as I have.

That is why it is called a gift, otherwise a blessing – it has been bestowed upon you as you have achieved its favour.

I am El Morya and I bless you with this message today.

Sharon Stewart
Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega.

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