June 2019.

Energy Forecast

Your Monthly Spiritual Roadmap

By Emmanuel Dagher.

June 1, 2019

Hi my friend,

The month of June is filled with wondrous opportunities that have the potential to completely change the landscape of our lives for the better.

We have so much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it!

Healing the Past

The first half of June will offer us the gift of healing our past in ways we may not have been able to experience until now.

As part of the human experience, we have been given the opportunity to repeat and bring into our present reality the challenging past experiences that may still be unresolved.

We are often given this opportunity of repeating the past, so that we can eventually learn from it, and move on.

An example of this can be seen in the kinds of relationships we are choosing to have. We could be attracting partners into our lives who are not treating us with kindness, love, honor, and respect.

This same pattern keeps showing up with each new partner, almost as though it were happening with the same person each time.

This is a confirmation that there is a lesson and a blessing present that desires to be fully learned and received.

In the case of the above example, the lesson is often directly related to the pattern of how we learned to treat ourselves as a child. We may have seen our parents and other family members mistreat us or each other in a similar way, so that on some level, the little child we were decided to believe that this is how she or he should treat themselves.

Once we realize this, we can see that we have been repeating the past in our present reality.

From there, we can learn to change the way we’ve been treating ourselves.

Most often, it never has anything to do with anyone or anything outside of ourselves.  It’s always about the relationship we are choosing to have with ourselves.

It can be freeing and empowering to understand that all of the experiences we’re having in our lives are a direct reflection of how we are treating ourselves.

Yet to the mind, it can also be challenging, because we realize that we alone are responsible for how we shape our reality.

If you find that the mind resists the deep inner knowing that you already have, that you are responsible for how your life is shaped … just know that your mind is trying to protect you the best way it knows how.

See the mind as the little child you once were, and let it know that you love and honor it immensely.

Let your mind know that there’s nothing it can do that would have you stop loving it unconditionally.

When your mind starts to realize that you are seeing, hearing, and honoring it in this way, it will begin to soften its approach and be more open to allowing you (as the Spirit that you are) to guide the way.

There’s an opening now that offers us the gift of learning the lessons of our past in ways we have not been able to receive till now.

This empowers us to evolve, grow, and begin creating a reality anchored in the present.

When we learn the lessons of our past, we also heal and reshape it.

As multidimensional beings, we are here, there, and everywhere at the same time, because we are the Universe itself, fully realized in physical and energetic form.

So as a multidimensional being, we’re able to heal and reshape our past. From there we can transform our present reality in ways that inspire, empower, and awaken us in extraordinary ways.

For example, you as the loving and compassionate adult you are today can envision yourself holding and embracing your inner child, letting them know through words, actions, and feelings that you embrace and love them unconditionally, and that they can be, choose, do, and have anything they desire to experience in life.

And that they are whole and perfect, exactly as they are.

You are changing the course for that little child you once were, so that they can have a totally different experience from the timeline they’ve experienced so far.

This is what is meant by “Love heals everything.” It really does!

Love transcends all logic, time, and space. From that perspective, healing is instant.

Now, imagine what would happen if we were able to offer that same Love to the world we live in, including every government, person, place, and experience that has ever taken place, since the beginning of time?

The mind may come up with a story, asking ”why” it should immerse itself in this kind of healing Love.

Yet our Spirit knows the power of what can happen when the mind recognizes the value and benefit of doing so.

The reason why so much of what we’re seeing in the world now seems so turbulent and imbalanced, is because this world is starving for our Love.

Each of us is the Universe incarnate. It only takes one person to shower the world with a Love that heals and moves Universes instantly.

Of course, there are millions of people in the world who are doing this every day, and it’s shifting and healing our world tremendously. (Even though on the surface, the media may not be covering this new reality.)

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A Fresh Start

When we are able to learn from and heal our past, we realign with the most powerful version of ourselves. Anything and everything becomes possible.

Things that once seemed out of reach are now available to us with ease.

The second half of June will mark a fresh start in our lives, especially if we allow ourselves to learn from and receive the precious gifts of our past. Many of us are already seeing glimpses of this, because this process started towards the end of May.

With this fresh start, it will feel as though the weight we have been carrying on our shoulders and chest will soften and dissolve.

You may notice yourself desiring to dance, sing, play, meditate, spend time in nature, and be creative more often.

Surrounding ourselves with beauty and Love will be something we crave more of, so things like smelling floral and citrus essential oils, tasting delicious natural foods in different colors fresh from the Earth, listening to classical music, and swimming or bathing in water often, will open us up to receiving the peace and ease that come with a deep renewal like the one we’re in now, and are about to experience more of.



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The Icing on the Organic Gluten-Free Vegan Cake 😊

The icing on the cake this June is that we will be moving through the celestial alignment known as the solstice.

On June 21st 2019 we will experience the peak healing frequencies of the solstice, followed by a total solar eclipse on July 2nd 2019.

The upcoming solstice will help to enhance our fresh start by opening us up to even greater magic, healing, abundance, expansion, and beauty.

During the solstice doorway (June 19th to 23rd) you may notice yourself receiving higher wisdom, insights, and “downloads.”

These are gifts from the Universe, and it’s often recommended to write them down, and to reflect upon them often, to integrate them into our lives.

These “downloads” have the power to bless all areas of our lives, including business expansion, enhancing our relationships with ourselves and others, and much more.

This solstice is also going to serve as a loving nudge forward, to help us become more organized and motivated when it comes to taking divinely guided action.

The weeks and months following the solstice are not a time to sit and do nothing.

So it’s important that when we feel the inner nudge to act and move on an idea, inspiration, or opportunity, we pay attention, and do so!

June is an amazing month, with opportunities for great expansion to occur within and around us.

What a gift it is to be here at this time, and to share this journey with one another!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,
Emmanuel Dagher

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