A Call To Action!

The Ashtar Command and Jupiter Command

Via Ria Gilliani.

January 4th, 2019. 



A Call To Action !! 
Return To Light Mass Meditation 
21st January Lunar Eclipse & 5D Portals Are Open & And the 7 Incarnations of planet Earth . 
By The Ashtar Command & Jupiter Command &  Pleiadian Delta Forces Of Light.  
( Ney ‘ Am ‘Aaa ) – It is Light Language  Meaning…..   
Blessings Greetings.
Beloved Avatars of Earth , you our beloved Light workers,  Wish tell you that The 5th dimensional portals are open , Yes beloveds you can now simply shift your consciousness from
4th to 5th – and step over the rainbow bridge into  higher consciousness,  The gateway portals have been open now – And many of our beloveds star seeds light warriors have now shifted in higher levels of consciousness , You have shifted your reality into higher realms of your planets 5th incarnation.
What do you mean by this ;
We here ‘ many light workers saying ??
Why am I still here living with humans who are 3/4th Dimensional….
Let us explain beloveds :
You dear ones who have shifted , still move your conscious awareness between the realms as you coexist at the same time
As There are levels of dimensional awareness or planes of existence of Consciousness …,
For Example
Each planet has seven incarnations , that means each physical planet has 6 other body’s or incarnations that are more & more suttle , they’re called globes, and these 7 Globes are referred to as a chain –
Humanity’s consciousness or dimensional awareness ‘ operates within the 7 Earth planes of existence forming a chain
The current globe that a Planetary civilisation is inhabiting would be called (round or globe or realm ) –
So Earth or Gaia its self is in its fourth incarnation …..
the Ending Of The Kali Yuga or globe or Realm ‘ moving  shifting & preparing to move into the 5th Golden Age …. world ‘globe ‘realm or Dimensions …. all are  levels of consciousness ,
Remember The chain of
7  incarnations  of
7 planetary incarnations.
So for example :
This is what we call Planetary Ascension & Individual Ascension!!!
So the ‘  5th 6th 7th Incarnations of a planetary body are more high ‘ are more  spiritual ….. at the 7th realm , you are one complete with the consciousness creator.
So beloveds, the portals are open for you awakened ones to step over the threshold into the higher incarnation of this planet.
However’ Tho ,  many of your Earth brothers and sisters are still in the matrix programming of the 3rd/4th dimensional realm or should we say ‘ The third fourth incarnation of Gaia’s chain …. there are many Beings on your planet that still operate from their 3 Lower Chakras And have not fully opened their high hearts to this Consciousness shift.
This lower consciousness in these individuals will fully change for them at the Time of The Grand Event !!! Or The Great breath of Brahma …,
Remember beloveds This Final Wave or push of Photonic love light ‘ is Coming-
However We do not give times  & Dates when the creator will fully manifest this – as we live in the ever eternal Now ….
So there is still ‘ a need for you warriors of light ‘ for you star seeds who are now awake for your consciousness and light body’s that have shifted to the fifth dimension or 5th incarnation of this planet,  – May we say here  :
( Still with your human feet standing on your planetary soil).
You beloveds still need to anchor in more light for your Brothers and sisters who are just needing that programming and Vale to be lifted.
As you our beloveds are High frequency conduits – you act as an antenna ‘ Receiving transmissions of energy & light Codes – That travel through your Auric Fields and absorb down through your chakras and out into your being , As The energy of the universe exists in a wave form or a particle form.
Making …. energy a component that perm’ me ‘ ates  all of reality.
energy may be infinitesimally small at any particular location, Energy ‘ nevertheless exists everywhere ….
And you beloveds are made up of light particle energy that has localized itself into a given form at any given point.
So your body beloveds is that localised energy that transmutes
light emissions emanating from your DNA, that is the core reactor from which you are broadcasting your  personal energy signature out to the planets realms  …
So dear hearts ‘ you have within you a mighty power, anxious and willing to serve you, a power capable of giving all that you earnestly desire & manifest ,”
So think now , about the power of Mass Meditation- Think ….. If you are all transmitting your localised energy from the universe into your beings and out to humanity at the same time ‘ And on the same intent….. Think then about how powerful you creators you conduters are …. if you are all manifesting at the same ‘ the same desires the same intent ‘ Thus Creating a chain-reaction shift  …..
That is why beloveds – There is still a need for
( A call to action)
We wish for you beloveds to meditate on the astronomical alignment and Luna alignment that will be manifesting on what you call – 21st January 2019 Luna eclipse….  at 00°51 Leo  .
The Moon will be a super moon
A blue Moon …. The moon will be square with Uranus , As Uranus is the major influence which makes this a challenging lunar eclipse.
As this is a astrological time Multiple planets in this chart come into opposition ….
into full alignment with each other …. making numerous powerful conjunctions with the Galactic Center, Pleiades and Sirius Star  …. Systems
Thus … creating a powerful configuration of Photonic energy that then creates a point of maximum tension which is released into a big cosmic breakthrough.
The Grand MotherFather God Force …. Cosmic Central Sun will send a huge pulse of Light throughout the whole Creation Aligning with all the great central suns in the multi-verse.
Shifting the remaining programming .
So imagine the power of human consciousness off you beloved Ones – With your Human 5th dimensional feet that are anchored into this planet if you all were meditating to this alignment at this precise equinox……
So beloveds
We wish to “Now “ –
Take you all through a meditation where you can use this visualisation intent and technique on this special day the 21st of January lunar Eclipse – And in your Daily meditations daily meditations
To Create a portal in which you can unify your consciousness to increase the existing energy field around your planet … grounding light into Gaia’s new 5th incarnational core .
We wish to take you through this meditation where you can use your antennas to anchoring light you to close your human eyes and open your 3rd eye and breath … breath… in the breath of the creator into your being …. relax your shoulders … open your high heart…. and …. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to bring the Light to the surface of the planet.
Now Visualize a pillar of brilliant white / Blue Photonic Light emanating from the Universal Cosmic Central Sun That is the MotherFather God Core , see this light then being distributed to All Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe.
Then visualize this light entering through the Your Galactic Central Sun, then going through A powerful Stargate ‘ The Alcyone Pleiadian stargate, then moving through .. Another’  powerful Stargate ‘ The Sirius stargate, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light We your Galactic Family inside your  Solar System Now –
Then visualise this light entering into all our fleet ships where we will contribute to this light on our fleet ships and our motherships …
Then anchor the light through your (SoulStar Chakra )
Located six inches above the Crown chakra, The Soul Star Chakra is the “stellar pathway.” And  “Seat of the Soul,” it is your 9th Chakra – ….. So see this Phonic light entering through the 9th Chakra  down into your body through all your Chakras into the core of the planet Gaias heart and soul
And then project this light out into humanity to all life on Earth.
Now see beloveds !!!
The manifestation that you beloveds have created … can manifest heaven on Earth and the compression breakthrough you as co-creators have created
and be the change …..
now as We deliver this light Encoded Channelled message to you , There are many Delta Operations still taking place on and ‘ around your planet , The Messages have been broadcasted by many of our Earth ambassadors …..
As there are many devisions within our Command And Sister Federation fleets That have Many operations taking place, To usher in the New Energy’s , and As you say in your human tongue we are conducting many  operations of light for the final push to your collective .
So beloveds Be the change , You have free will beloveds , So go within into your hearts and feel this inner knowing and if you feel compelled to take action ….. then anchor in the light with the meditation given by our Channel on the 21st January Lunar Eclipse, that many of you wonderful ground Crew Warriors are transmuting on a daily basis ,
We of the Ashtar Command & Jupiter Command with All our Air Born Divisions & Forces Of Light Take our leave with love and blessings, We love you with all our hearts,
We are with you always ❤️
Channelled Message By

Ria Aurora Athena Ash

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