7 Fun Things to Do at Home That Will Work for Extroverts

Sherrie Hurd, A.A.


Posted March 24th, 2020.

Even when you can’t go out with friends, there are many fun things to do at home when you’re an extrovert.
I’m no extrovert, but I know many of them. They love going out and socializing, love shopping, and also love to attend large events as well. Right now, so many of us are confined to our homes due to various reasons.
In order to make this an evergreen post, I cannot only focus on the viral crisis at hand. There are many reasons why even extroverts sometimes end up stuck in their homes, and when this happens, they may struggle to find fun things to do.
It’s time to use a bit of imagination, I believe
As an introvert, I have no problem being happy at home. Sometimes, I can sit for hours and just think and be perfectly happy about that. For extroverts, however, being away from others can be painful. It’s because it goes completely against their character and personality.
And the truth is, there’s nothing wrong with either of us – the introvert and the extrovert are both normal characters. But, I want to help because if it was someone trying to help me get out and socialize more, I would want to return the favor by helping someone who is outgoing, be able to enjoy themselves in lockdown. So, let’s help.
Fun things to do at home for the extrovert
1. Spend time with those in your home
If you’re an extrovert but don’t live alone, you’re in luck. If you cannot go out and spend time with friends, you can find new ways to spend time with the people in your home.
Whether you live with family or roommates, you can enjoy all sorts of games, play music and dance, or create a home theatre environment. All you need is a selection of movies, popcorn, and refreshments. Feel free to pretend you are really at the theater and it can be loads of fun for many days.
2. Talk on the phone
What’s one substitution for socializing face to face? That’s right, talking on the phone. If you cannot go visit friends right now, you can call them and talk about whatever you want. It’s a given, really. And yes, over time, this might get old, and that’s why we have to do other things too.
But hey, call your friends, and talk about those events and shopping trips of the past. Then have a good laugh together.
3. Facetime, skype or other video chat options
If you cannot socialize in person, you can conduct a video call. You can even have a group video chat if you like. I haven’t done this in quite some time, and it was usually only for business, but from what I remember, there are a few options for group chat available. And you always have skype and facetime.
Use them and spend time being silly with your friends. It will help you stay in touch with your extroverted reality, and help ward off depression due to lack of socialization. Yes, this is a fun thing for extroverts to do when they are stuck at home.
4. Video or computer games
Considering the fact that extroverts enjoy social time so much, they usually enjoy online gaming as well, whether it’s using a video game console or by computer. Instead of just talking online, which can get old over time, extroverts can choose to play all sorts of interactive games to amuse themselves and hang out with friends.
I know many people who play online games almost every day. If you cannot get out, then you can use this experience to make you feel more like you are together with those you care about outside the home.
5. Go for a hike
Usually, extroverts love to hike with friends, but even when they can’t, enjoying this pastime alone can be refreshing. It breaks the monotony of staying inside. While hiking, you can enjoy the communion with nature as if the trees, the birds, and other elements are your human friends.
In fact, you probably should have been doing this all along. You may find yourself talking out loud to the elements and that’s okay too. As long as this process helps soothe your restless nature, it’s doing its job.
6. Enjoy performances from home
Many extroverts love attending concerts and festivals. But if you cannot leave your home, this will be impossible. There are a few fun ways you can enjoy this experience from home that would be almost good enough.
First of all, there are many televised musical performances and online concerts you can watch that will make you feel as though you really are attending a gathering.
7. Listen to music
If you cannot find entertainment of your choosing online or on television, then just drag out those records and CDS. Maybe you have a huge playlist on your phone or computer.
Either way, listening to music can be a great balm for missing friends and social events. Just close your eyes and think back on former events and listening to music with friends. Music is extremely therapeutic.
Making adjustments for the extrovert
As I said, I am an introvert, and I enjoy time at home alone. I get nervous in large crowds and prefer quiet most of the time. When I am outside this element of comfort, I get anxiety. I believe extroverts are prone to anxiety when they cannot socialize, so although I cannot relate, I do sympathize.
This is why I open the conversation for others who are extroverts during this time to offer other fun things they can do within the home. Please feel free to offer suggestions and ideas.
I hope everyone is staying safe in this turbulent time.
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Sherrie Hurd


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