5D shift is well underway, dark forces can do nothing to stop it now

Message from the Ancient Tree Spirits.

Channeled by Dawn Phoenix

April 11th, 2020.


We are the Ancient Tree Spirits, and we are old beyond belief.
We have been through and seen such shifts and upheavals on Gaia, some much worse than what is occurring at this time.
But we understand for you humans it is catastrophic, to say the least.
Rest assured we are here to support you (Humanity) in every way we are able.
Fear not, young one (me), for even at this moment we are clearing the air of this coronavirus that so afflicts your cherished elderly and certain others of the planet’s population.
The virus has done what it came here to do, and humanity has suffered enough.
The Shift to the 5th Dimension is well underway, and there is nothing any dark forces can do to stop it now!!
The dark forces that once held the illusion of power on Gaia are ceasing to be in this very moment, although they are trying to hide that fact. But, they cannot do so any longer!
They are being captured, incarcerated, some seeing the error of their ways and freely choosing the light. Some are choosing to leave the planet altogether, to be transmuted back into the Light they have always been but forgot, only to return in service to the light.
Service to darkness was the role they chose to play on the planet at this time.
In service to Humanity, to assist in its ascension.
We all have roles we chose to play.
But in the end, we are ALL of the light, remember it, and return to it.
There is nowhere the darkness can hide where the light will not find it and love it back into remembrance.
Dawn is speaking now: I have been sitting in a spot where sunlight is filtering thru the trees, and there was the usual darkness you see when you close your eyes. Now the sunlight is growing brighter and brighter! It is so strong now and though my eyes are closed, I see only white in front of me, enveloping any dark spots until all is white before me.
The Ancient Tree Spirits are speaking again: So now, in this time which may seem dark to so many, know that we are reaching out our branches and helping clear the virus from the air.
It does not harm us; our vibration is too high.
And our biological makeup such that it cannot penetrate our cells.
But we can remove it from where we stand, with our branches and leaves, with our root systems that reach far and wide, cleansing Gaia from above and below.
We are many upon this world, and there is great power in our numbers.
Tune in, feel the vibration of your beloved planet shifting. And know that you, too, are shifting and growing and healing at this time.
Soon you will all gather together again, feel the arms of another around you in loving embrace once more. Be wiser and more grateful for all you thought you had lost.
THAT is what makes this all worthwhile. THAT is what makes all the difference.
For you (Humanity) will never go back to the way you once were: Taking for granted the things you had, the people you know, the simple joy of freedom and the ecstasy of another’s touch.
We support your rise to the 5th dimension. So, like the dear children you are to us, we invite you to climb our branches.
Up, up, up! To the top, and look out to see from a height you have never been before. Till now.
We love you, and we will talk again soon, dear children.
For there will be coming much to discuss.
In service to Humanity, to the Light, to the Light in All:
We are the Ancient Tree Spirits of Gaia.
Dawn Phoenix

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