by Owen Waters

December 29th, 2019

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Spiritual Growth, Vitality and Wellness

We all want to create new and better circumstances in our lives. Life is an adventure, so we naturally want to make it as rewarding an experience as possible.

We were placed here on earth with a purpose - to grow, to expand in consciousness, to find peace and prosperity in all facets of our lives. We are here to create an abundance in personal growth and fulfillment, in health, in loving relationships, in the realization of our spiritual paths in life, in the freedom of ample financial support, and in all forms of well-being.

So, why does it seem like such a challenge? Here are the four main reasons why...

1. Lack of action

How many times have you been told that the Law of Attraction will magnetize things toward you and they will magically appear? There is some truth in that but, if you fail to take any appropriate action toward your goal, it makes it really hard for the universe to deliver anything to you. And, how do you know what appropriate action is? That brings us to the next problem.

2. No clear inner guidance

Your soul or superconscious mind knows exactly what you want and the best way for you to achieve your objective at any point in time. Deep meditation is a great way to tune into your higher mind's guidance, but in the hubbub of daily life, we don't always have an obvious way to gain insights when we need them the most.

What you need is a hotline to your soul which operates under all conditions.

3. Creating untrue pictures

This is one of the truths of the universe with which the conscious mind struggles. In order to manifest something, you need to see it as already in existence and then it arrives in the fastest way possible. But, how do you see yourself in possession of something you want - let's say a perfect partner, for example - when you know there's no such person there by your side right at that moment? The problem is, the conscious mind tends to reject affirmations that are not confirmed by the five physical senses. Doubt creeps in, understandably, and the whole exercise fails. There is a perfect way to bypass this problem, which we will reveal.

4. Being sabotaged by unconscious beliefs

If you don't believe you are worthy of something, you can pretty much guarantee that trying to create it in your life will be sabotaged by such a belief. The trouble is, most beliefs that you hold are in your subconscious mind, not in your conscious awareness. Your subconscious mind has faithfully listened to and cataloged every statement of belief that you have heard from anyone - parents, teachers, friends, family, colleagues, everyone in your entire life to date. So, how do you discover what beliefs might be there, lurking in the background ready to block your pursuit of more joy in your life? And, when you discover them, how can you effectively heal and transform them?

There are ways past all of these problems and we will reveal them in our upcoming course, beginning in just a few days time.

Start the new decade with a new vision for your life.

Life in all its abundance is available.
Owen Waters.

Learn to unlock your true potential. Join us in our upcoming course, Creating Abundance: Living Life to the Fullest.


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