3 Hidden Agendas Going on Right Now in The World.

 (and you don't even know it).

Strange Agendas are Going On Right Now behind closed doors and you don't even know it. This video I'll REVEAL 3 of these Agendas and show you EXACTLY what do do.

These things are going on behind the scenes, not where we can actually see it. Some of them are going to sound pretty weird to be honest with you. Nonetheless, I believe that these are the 3 hidden agendas going on right now that you need to know about. You don't need to, but you're going to want to know about it. In this video I'm going to show you exactly what those are. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron. I help people expand their consciousness and I make spiritual, practical videos that are relatable. That's what I do. So in this video I'm going to be sharing with you, we're going to be going down the rabbit hole a little bit. Um, I'm not somebody that just studies looks at certain things and go, yeah, that's a, that's a, a conspiracy theory. I really believe in that. I do a lot of research. Okay. And what I encourage you to do before I even get to the video is to do your own research, to start to see these own patterns, uh, and how things are, and to do that for yourself. So I'm not going to be telling you what to think, but I'm going to say I've known about a lot of this since 2012 and I went through my spiritual awakening. I kind of put it in the background and then now it just seems more relevant than ever. If you're a, maybe you've been quarantined at your house for a couple of weeks, maybe you've been questioning things, maybe even seeing these little patterns come up. I've been talking more and more about this and let me say as well, I talk about this in a positive way. I believe that a lot of positive things are happening. The energy dynamic is changing in the world. The way things had been done in the past are literally crumbling. The old ways that were very controlling and manipulative, they're starting to crumble and what happened, what is happening is the people, the people are starting to gain the power back. So let's go out and look at it like this. Okay? There's three hidden agendas going on right now that I want to talk about now. Right now you might be quarantined at your house, not able to leave. And what I think is, I think there's actually a lot more going on than on the surface of what we actually think. Now the first thing I want to talk about is the elite, the elite. So you see this pyramid right here, and this just kind of shows this is a way that I believe the energy has been on the planet for a long time behind the scenes, but the people haven't necessarily been aware of it. Now what I mean by the 1%, I'm not just talking about just the wealthy 1%, I'm talking about a certain number of people that have in a way kind of, they're like, Hey, you over there, let's let's all get together and let's get this, uh, let's get this thing going to where if we can keep people in a certain mentality, then what it's very easy to do is let's keep dim and let's control the way things are because then we retain the power and we can control what is going on. And then these other powerful people said yes. And then that's what happened. And what happened is you got the 1% at the top and then you've got a lot of people the dark that aren't aware of what is going on. Now some of these elite people, um, I think you'd be very, very, very surprised to hear that this is, this is what they do. See what it is, is it's actually people behind that of, of the people on the forefront that I guess could be their cheerleaders.  You've got some of these very well known celebrities that are a part of this, but really what they are is they were in a way, um, they're in a way, they have such huge audiences because they can influence so many people. So the idea is you've got certain number of people that then have these celebrities or these elite people, whatever you want to call it, that are then able to put out certain information to their audience, which then may plug things into their subconscious mind to get certain...

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