Transcendence of Creature Will for Co-creation of Light and Life.




Prometheus’ Treasures - V


Received by Renée


Alberta, Canada, March 8, 2013.




Teacher Prometheus: “We can overcome all doubt if we learn to trust in the Love of our Creator to help us through any seemingly insurmountable situation.


“Always keep your heart open to the Light and the intelligently coordinated co-creative Power that lives within you, and works tirelessly to bring you into alignment with your life’s plan. This is your individual map, which will afford you the greatest personality development and soul growth.


“Remain as much as possible in this positive consciousness and receptive present ‘now moment’. This is the greatest tool for remaining connected to your divine indwelling Spirit. A conscious, elevated faith and wisdom-seeking attitude is required to transcend the fearful animal-ego-mind. With the free-will decision to consecrate one’s ‘creature will’, the higher reasoning mind can then be synchronized with the highest and most loving Will.


“This is the divine Adjuster’s Will – the Will which follows the cosmic plan leading to Light and Life, for both the individual and collectively for all humanity by the outworking and manifestation of Love. Human beings are the time-space evolutionary vehicles through which this co-creative process occurs.


“The experiential knowledge gained in the process is invaluable to the Creator and the gift each mortal offers tothe Supreme Being – the experiential deity being created in the time-space universes – the ‘Mother of all Souls’ originating in the seven super-universes of the Grand Universe.


“I am Prometheus.” 


© The 11:11 Progress Group.
All the elemental qualities of Love are inherent in the Light
we receive – Prometheus, 2013.



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