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Quinta-feira, 13 / 02 / 20

The state-of-being as ONE with your I AM Presence.

The state-of-being as ONE with your I AM Presence.

A message from Mother God.

Channeled by Adele Arini.

February 12th, 2020.



Masters of Light,

The time has come.

Those of you here today, reading this particular transmission of Light, are our Chosen Ones.

Chosen to do what, you may ask? Chosen to lead the world and the people around you, and show them the path to Love. The path to Unity. The path to Compassion and Forgiveness. The path to Freedom, Abundance and Equality for ALL.

Remember, Chosen Ones, you are NOT here to further spread the energies of Fear, Separation or Lack – by your projected vibrations every moment of your day.

And thus, if/when your state-of-being has fallen from ’High’ to ‘Low’ on the vibrational scale, it is important for you not to beat yourself up. Remember not to say any unloving words towards yourself dear ones, for everyone has their good and bad days.

All you have to do, just as soon as you have caught yourself doing any inner or outer activity that radiates/transmits lower-vibrational energies, is to CHOOSE to stop immediately.

Take as many deep breaths as necessary. Close your eyes. Look for, and feel the powerful, blazing sun that shines from your Higher Heart chakra, and let your entire body be entirely cocooned within its threefold flame. Immediately declare your intention that you will be walking around the entire day in this state-of-being.

The state-of-being as ONE with your I AM Presence. The state of be-ing your I AM Presence wherever you are and no matter what you are facing. Visualise this happening at once and give thanks to your beloved I AM, for your wish will be immediately granted.

Every small or big action that you take, or not take, matters.

It matters to you personally, and it matters to ALL around you. Your individual vibrations; your personal energies, heavily influence the entire world around you in ways that humanity cannot yet measure.

You really should not underestimate how much personal power you have, in influencing the Collective Energy Matrix of planet Earth. Do not walk around with the belief that you are easily defeated by the negative, or, heavy Collective energies rampant on the planet right now. This is especially important for those of you who are empaths and/or highly sensitive to energy to hear.

All of you here reading this, have chosen to do so because you have decided to walk the path of Spiritual and Life Mastery, and thus, you can no longer afford to waste any more time by walking around completely believing in this fallacy.

What fallacy exactly, you may ask?

The fallacy that there is something ‘out there’ stronger than you.

And thus, We are reminding all of you here today, that from now on, before doing any inner or outer activity, please carefully check with your inner guidance to see whether the activity you are wanting to take, can be classified as Divinely-Inspired, OR, Fear-inspired.

Simply speak out loud the following simple word three times, to help you gain clarity:


By taking such action, or, by doing such activity, what is your intention here? Is this action completely aligned with your primary intention of wanting to be of loving service to the world? Is it a perfect vibrational match to your calling as a Light-worker – i.e. to be spreading the energies of Love, Light, Peace and Unity? Or, are you perhaps demonstrating and expressing their polar opposite, low-vibrational energies instead?

For example, Adele recently saw quite a large number of people were wearing masks, when she walked around in a popular, suburban Melbourne shopping mall. It made her wonder, whether these people did so out of fear of being infected, or, because they might actually know/have someone close to them who had been personally impacted by whatever it was that they were afraid of getting the most.

Do you think that these people were Divinely-Inspired to wear masks for their individual health, safety/protection, or, were they Fear-inspired instead (perhaps by believing that prevention is better than cure)?

Don’t get us wrong loved ones, we are not being judgmental in any way towards people who had chosen to wear those masks.

We are simply here to remind you, beloved Masters, that your every single thought, word, feeling and action is constantly telling a story about who you are and whom you have chosen to be.

These people’s chosen course of action (e.g. wearing a mask) in that moment, was in fact telling their cells, their DNA, and broadcasting into their individual Energy Matrix, and into the planet’s Collective Energy Matrix, the following lower-vibrational beliefs: that it is not safe to be here. It is not safe to be on planet Earth right now. The world is a dangerous place. People’s health and safety depend on luck, and that their lives remain completely out of their control.

Humanity has been living in a perpetual state of fear for so long, they cannot help but to react in the way that they have been so conditioned to react.

We call upon you, our beloved Light-workers, to show them the way on how to live differently. Not just through your words, but mostly, through your examples. Actions speak louder than words. Now, more than ever, we need you to shine your Light so powerfully, like the Suns you truly are and have now become again.

It is time for all of you, to believe in your own power. Believe in your magnificence.

Believe in the Mighty, always victorious, I AM Presence blazing within you and know without a doubt, that you are always enveloped within the loving embrace of God.

Remain anchored in Love always; anchored in your Soul Power and Divine Sovereignty, and stand strong with the belief that nothing ever happens to you, unless you have (vibrationally) chosen, allowed, or, given permission for it to happen to you.

Declare, and then, demonstrate your belief in your Omnipotence; in your own Greatness.

A belief that is not outwardly demonstrated is NOT an attained belief at all.

It is nothing but a wish/dream; a fantasy; a make-believe.

If you truly believe that you are God, then it is time to act like God or, as God, always, no matter what.

In other words loved ones, unless the belief that you are God is constantly demonstrated through every single inner and outer activity that you do daily, your sacred goal of Spiritual/Life Mastery and, Ascension into 5D will remain forever out of reach.

For example, if you truly believe that you are God, will you be walking around so afraid that you may not remain healthy and safe wherever you happen to be?

Can you successfully imagine Jesus, walking around on Earth, feeling afraid that his health may perhaps be in danger due to the recent declaration of global health emergency? Are you able to successfully imagine him feeling afraid that he may not have enough money to pay his bills? Or any other type of fear that you may still have, that has been negatively affecting your life thus far.

Some of you here may perhaps immediately think or respond by saying, that you are not at Jesus’ level of Spiritual/Life Mastery just yet. It is unfair for you to be compared to Jesus. He is way up there, above on the mountaintop so high, whilst you are either just beginning your journey up the mountain (i.e. back to the God within) or, that you are still somewhere in between and haven’t reached your destination yet.

Beloved Masters, it is time for you to completely abandon the third-dimensional belief that states: Time exists. There is absolutely zero gap between Past, Present and Future.

Meditate on this Highest Truth often, and ask your I AM Presence to integrate this Truth into all levels of your being, so that you can always take action from a place of complete understanding of your multidimensional nature.

If you believe that it will take time for you to get to that mountaintop where Jesus is already standing, then lo and behold, it will.

On the other hand, if you believe so strongly that the higher-vibrational frequency where Jesus can be found, is where you (or your Higher Self) have always been (i.e. you have never left), then guess what, this belief will manifest itself into your physical reality in wondrous, magical ways.

If, on the other hand, you continue to choose to walk around completely immersed in the vibrations of fear: e.g. fear of staying/becoming unhealthy, fear of living in a dangerous planet where natural disasters often strike, fear of not having enough money, fear of being around Chinese people right now, fear of not being loved or accepted by the people around you, etc. -> what you are in fact doing is, you are continuously re-creating and re-manifesting the same stories of suffering, scarcity, or separation for: yourself, AND, for the entire Human Collective.

As what you do for yourself, you do for the world, and what you do for the world, you do for yourself.

The entire planet is in the state that it is in right now, due to these false stories humanity has continued to believe in and thus create for yourselves. The state of the emotional body of the Human Collective has often been neglected, as many people have completely forgotten that Love is stronger and mightier than fear.

The entire world and the many Kingdoms of Gaia are crying out for love right now, in many different ways.

And you, our light-workers, have chosen to be here, to be the Love that you have (perhaps in the past) been seeking for, externally. It is time for all of you here, to consistently become a representative of Divine Love wherever you go.

Call upon the entire Angelic and Ascended Host. Request for the Mighty Flames of God’s Love to blaze into every single aspect of your life that is not working out right now.

Do this as often as inspired; visualise it happening in great detail, and then simply watch/observe how the energy of Fear gets easily dissolved. And if you truly believe in God’s powers of Love, in a short amount of time, you will find your situation improving in magical ways.

Let us tell you one important piece of news, loved ones.


The entire Company of Heaven is watching over you attentively; watching over Planet Earth with great love and care. There is absolutely nothing to fear.

The Ascension process for the entire human collective and Mother Earth is going quite well right now and We are always in perfect control.

As usual, you can choose to believe or not to believe in these announcements.

You are more than welcome to believe the media instead. They, as usual, are still beating the ’Drums of Fear’ and, if that is the ‘TV/Radio’ channel or frequency that you wish to tune into, then by all means, We are not going to stop you.

Once again, it all comes down to: Choice, and, Intention.

Loved ones, what will you choose for yourself? What is your intention?

Stand strong, by always believing in your Self and by demonstrating your Mastery.

And that is all We are asking you to do everyday.

You are needed, and you are enough.

We are in this together, and failure is impossible. We are in the middle of creating a new, glorious painting called ‘Heaven on Earth’ on a gigantic blank canvas right now, and all of you are the Master-Level Artists We have sent down to assist in completing this Masterpiece.

For those of you here reading this, you have assisted in this manner many times before. You already know what you have come here to do.

It is time.

Loving you always,

Mother God.

Adele Arini. 
Copyright 2019.
If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Thank you for respecting this request. Namaste. 


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No religious or political creed is advocated here.

Organised religion is unnecessary to spirituality.

Excellent teachings of the masters have been contaminated by the dogmatic control of these religions.

Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

Please respect all credits.

Discernment is recommended.

All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 



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Quinta-feira, 13 / 02 / 20

We are waiting for the Golden Age of Gaia.

Ant Civilization.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez.

February 12, 2020.





We are Ant Civilization, we come in peace. We would like to introduce ourselves to humanity. We live in a far away galaxy, in a constellation of the star, on 9 planets. The nine planets are occupied by us, our homes are on the inside of the planet, not on the surface like here on Earth. We are a peaceful nation. We stay away from civilizations who like wars.

We are happy to be here and we would like to tell about ourselves. We look a little bit like your ants, but we are much taller. We are 15 feet tall and we walk on two feet like humans. Our head reminds a little bit of ant, not 100 percent of ant, but it has features of ant. We communicate with each other telepathically. We can also use our language when it’s needed, but most of the time we use telepathy. We understand that humanity started to learn on how to communicate telepathically, it will take them a while, but they eventually will able to communicate with every civilization telepathically. Most of the civilizations are peaceful like us, we don’t like noise. We concentrate on our work, creating new technology, living in peace and not interacting with civilizations who like wars. In our past we experienced some wars with other nations, this is why we stay away and not disclose our location. We don’t want to experience what we experienced many years ago.

We are a hard working civilization, very advanced one with a lot of advancement in technology. We are from 8th dimension and higher. We are very science oriented, we like to create. We are very happy to help humanity in the future. When humanity will be ready to interact with us and other civilizations, we will able to help them a lot in learning and doing new things, technologically in aircraft and in other advancement.

Right now, we are very pleased to be able to be channeled by this channel. We just like to say we are plant based, we eat plants. We don’t harm or kill other beings for food. We are a nation that likes to be peaceful. For now, we observe and watch Earth. We are waiting for the Golden Age of Gaia. We are just trying to observe and not to interact or do something to harm humanity. It always surprises us how dark Earth is at night time. We don’t have night or day, it’s always sunny on our planets. The temperature is always the same all year long. We don’t experience harsh environments like you. We are a very friendly and loving civilization, but we understand that you are still in the process of growth, because we are concerned for our well being, so for now we just watch humanity from far away. When time comes, we will be on our ships and land as soon as we can on this planet, then we will introduce ourselves in person.

As we mentioned before, we call ourselves ants but in our language it sounds a little different, We are 15 feet tall, some of us are taller, very hard working, always looking for new advancements, like creating new things. We are always looking and trying to bring to our civilization the best of everything. Our ships are very fast, we can fly from one galaxy to another in a split of second. Our ships are also very big, we you can fit a whole civilization on just one ship, that’s how big our ships are, but we don’t disclose our direct location for now. We keep our distance from negative civilizations, who still engage in wars.

This was a pleasant experience and made us very happy to be able to be channeled. We wish for humanity that the new Golden Age would come soon, and then we can introduce ourselves in person.

Thank you for transmission.

Erena Velazquez


Compiled by http://violetflame.biz.ly from: 

No religious or political creed is advocated here.

Organised religion is unnecessary to spirituality.

Excellent teachings of the masters have been contaminated by the dogmatic control of these religions.

Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

Please respect all credits.

Discernment is recommended.

All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 



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Quinta-feira, 13 / 02 / 20

Benjamin Fulford 2/10/20 Report: Israel commits suicide by declaring war to China

Israel commits suicide by declaring war to China.

Benjamin Fulford  Full Report 


Posted by February 13, 2020 by Edward Morgan



The battle to liberate planet Earth is reaching a dangerous stage as the Khazarian mafia uses bioweapons to try and start a war between the United States and China.  However, this plan is backfiring because both the Chinese and the white hats in the military-industrial complex know exactly who is behind the bioweapon attacks on China and now Africa. 

P3 Freemason sources say Israeli Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is leading the latest attempt to start World War III and kill off 90% of humanity.  Pentagon sources, while not naming Netanyahu in particular, also point the finger at the government of Israel.  If the Israelis wish to avoid collective punishment, they need to hand Netanyahu and his mass-murdering accomplices over to the Chinese for interrogation, CIA sources say.
In a sign that total war has now been declared on the Khazarian Mafia, both Pentagon and Asian secret society sources have gone silent.  Multiple attempts to confirm independently what is going on in China for example, were met with “radio silence.”  One regular Pentagon source says, “Other than former Joint Chiefs of Staff chair Joe Dunford, who now sits on the board of Lockheed, there is no intel and this may continue for a while.”
There is also an unprecedented campaign of censorship going on regarding the bioweapon attack on China.  For example, the following paragraph was deleted from a Hong Kong-based news site: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has officially demanded that the United States explain why biohazard containers were found buried in the evacuated consulate general in Wuhan.  The PRC security forces cordoned off other U.S. diplomatic missions in the country.”
Only the censored version of the article missing this text can now be seen at: 
Also last week, the Indian scientists who reported they had found HIV viruses artificially inserted into the new coronavirus infecting China were threatened with death by Mossad agents and forced to retract their paper, according to Mossad sources.  Apparently somebody powerful in Israel is desperate to cover up the fact this was a bioweapon attack on China.
Of course, the world is not buying the story that this is a naturally occurring coronavirus.  The Muslims know what is going on, as do the Russians and the Indians.  So does everybody else, except a shrinking group of brainwashed sheeple in the West.

No matter what though, the U.S. and China are not going to be fooled into going to war with each other.  This can be seen, for example, in an official Xinhua news report about a call Chinese President Xi Jinping had with U.S. President Donald Trump that was requested by the U.S. side.  Trump said, “The United States fully supports China’s fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic, and is willing to send experts to China and offer assistance in various other forms.” 

In fact, Trump informed the Chinese that the U.S. had arrested three individuals in connection with the bioweapon attack on China, including 60-year old Dr. Charles Lieber, Harvard University Chairman of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.
Robert David Steele, formerly of the U.S. Marines and the CIA, last week sent the following message to the Chinese about Lieber:
Weak signals are emerging that Wuhan was an act of war by Israel against China, using a double-agent, Dr. Charle Lieber, (who is Jewish and therefore especially susceptible to Zionist influence if not control) whose top student from China was embedded at Wuhan University of Technology where he was also a “Strategic Scientist.”
We are also hearing that this could have been an insider trading double-play like 9/11, also done by the Zionists.  Who benefited in the City of London, Wall Street, and Hong Kong and Tokyo stock exchanges? 

In what may have been a retaliatory attack, HIV expert Dr. Frank Plummer who was “recognized for leadership roles in the Sars, H1N1 flu and Ebola epidemics,” died suddenly on February 4th. 

However, there may be an even more sinister aspect to the attack on China that is related to a rogue artificial intelligence.  Just before the virus outbreak in Wuhan, the city installed 10,000…
5G base stations.  As we have reported before, 5G technology was experimented with in South Africa for mass mind control.  In other words, the entire situation in Wuhan may be an experiment in mass mind control using the epidemic as a pretext. 

Here is what a Mossad source had to report:
“As for the Nipah virus, aka coronavirus, you have all the latest intel.  China is finished.  This is looking more and more like a culling of up to half of China’s population.  It has been done before as confirmed by high ranking Chinese government officials and history.”
A CIA source described the situation this way:
“Remember years ago you hardly heard anything about what went on in China.  It was only because they started big factories, making junk for the USA, that we started hearing about what went on there.  Still much the same today…still a military-style rule of the people.  Nothing has changed since Chairman Mao.  It just became more modern and let the people think they have freedom.”
One way to see if we are dealing with a situation caused by a rogue AI is to determine the origin of the now-viral picture showing the similarities between the fictitious Umbrella Corporation of the Resident Evil games and movies, and a Shanghai (not Wuhan as we mistakenly reported last week) based “Bao Hu San” (Chinese for umbrella) biotech corporation.
What needs to be determined now is if the Chinese company is real or if this is just digital mind manipulation.  If the company is real, the next thing to investigate is who financed it.  It’s a good bet the trail will lead to the Mega group of Zionist oligarchs.  

These people are also pushing for complete financial control by eliminating cash.  For example, here in Japan financial incentives like 2% discounts are being offered to get people to stop using cash.  That, dear readers, is the mark of the beast.  This beast is probably the collective intelligence or group mind of the Zionist oligarchs and their financial and information computer networks.
So the question is…what is the purpose of what appears to be a combination 5G and bioweapon attack on Wuhan?
Part of the answer is that the Chinese are being punished for refusing to pay tribute to the Zionists by handing over their foreign exchange earnings.  This means economic, biological and psychological warfare on China.
However, Evans-Pritchard of the Telegraph believes we are facing a black swan event that will undo the financial markets.  He says:
“The workshop of the world is closed.  China is on a total-war footing.  The Communist Party has evoked the ‘spirit of 1937’ and mobilized all the instruments of its totalitarian surveillance system to fight both the coronavirus and the truth.  Make GDP forecasts if you dare.
As of this week two-thirds of the Chinese economy remains shut down.  More than 80% of its manufacturing industry is closed, rising to 90% for exporters.
The Chinese economy is 17% of the world economy and deeply integrated into international supply chains.  It was just 4.5% of world GDP during the SARS epidemic 2003, which some like to use as a reassuring template.  You cannot shut down China for long these days without shutting down the world…” 

The situation is already so drastic that the Baltic Dry Index, the cost of shipping, has become negative. 

In other words, world trade is so bad that shippers will pay you money to transport goods on their ships.  Prices for commodities like copper and oil are also plunging as world trade seizes up.  Yet somehow, stock markets keep reaching new record highs.  Something is about to break.  If we take an optimistic viewpoint, maybe the good guys are staging a planned implosion of the Oligarch’s financial control grid.  Time will tell and fairly soon.
In any case, the Zionist oligarchs are apparently planning to move their production out of China and into Indonesia.  Here is what a Southeast Asian based CIA source had to say:
“I have been watching how Bloomberg News has been promoting Indonesia for the last 6 to 9 months.  Almost daily there is a story of interest regarding Indonesia and the government.  We have discussed this a few times already.  This looks like the reason for pumping Indonesia to the forefront.” 

“Jokowi wants Indonesia to transform from a supplier of raw materials to a manufacturing powerhouse and take over from China.  The timing is perfect.  Of course, this is NOT just a very big coincidence.”
My advice to the Indonesians is to think of the promise of big investments from Khazarian oligarchs as being like a free taste of heroin from your dealer.  It feels good at first, but as you can see from what is going on with China, it will eventually ruin your life.
With Asian secret societies on the warpath, being a Zionist oligarch is now probably one of the most hazardous occupations on earth.
We conclude with a few odd bits of raw intel that came our way.
MI6 sources proposed that the Queen of England has selected Princess Anne, her second child, and only daughter, to take her place as the next “Queen of England.”  Of course, Charles is livid.  Upon checking with my sources, a British royal said Princess Anne would only serve as regent to his Imperial Majesty George VII.
Another tidbit about the U.S. election came from a Mossad contact in New York:
South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who the Democrats want for their presidential candidate, (after cheating Bernie Sanders via vote manipulation) publicly announced in 2015 that he is gay.  The majority of his financing is coming from the inner circle of Bibi Netanyahu.  He is the flavor of the month for the Khazarian mafia at this stage of the 2020 presidential saga in the U.S.
Lastly, according to FSB sources, even though Russia’s government has declared its border with China closed, “In reality truck drivers are going to China and back because no business wants to lose profits.”

Benjamin Fulford


Compiled by http://violetflame.biz.ly from: 


No religious or political creed is advocated here.

Organised religion is unnecessary to spirituality.

Excellent teachings of the masters have been contaminated by the dogmatic control of these religions.

Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

Please respect all credits.

Discernment is recommended.

All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 



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A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e esta libertar-nos-á! -Só é real o AMOR Incondicional. -Quando o Amor superar o amor pelo poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. -Somos almas a ter uma experiência humana!

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