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15 Ways To Open Your Heart ~ Olivia Weil

15 Ways To Open Your Heart.

By Olivia Weil, In5D.com.





“Love is the only truth. All else is illusion.”
There is telepathy between hearts. A sense of knowing between them, a feeling that we get inside of ourselves without even speaking.
When we come together as One, we don’t even have to speak and yet many times we know what someone is thinking, feeling, or the vibes they are giving off without them even having to say a word.

Recently, I was working with someone who is deeply far along in their spiritual journey, a highly, intuitive, empathic individual, and an amazing person. And yet he still said to me, “I don’t know what it is, but I just cannot open my heart. It feels tight, closed, and armored. I want to love again.”
We worked in the energetic together, over a number of sessions, performing illuminations and facilitating shamanic energy medicine and healing, opening his heart and allowing him to begin feeling love again.
Opening our hearts can be a scary thing. After all, we have years of conditioning in place—fear, pain, suffering, judgments, comparisons and the like. By now, we have had traumas, dramas, accidents, illnesses, heart aches, heart breaks, and everything in between. “Life” has happened and we sometimes can get discouraged, especially if we have not yet taken back the reigns of our personal power and personal freedom.
So … How do we go about opening our hearts?
Here are some simple practices you can do at home to open your heart chakra more and more each day, beginning to feel the love again.
The whole universe is waiting to love you. Your higher self is waiting to love you. Your twin flame is waiting to love you. When will you fall in love with you again?

15 Ways To Open Your Heart

1. Be in Nature, Be Nature Itself

When we commune with Nature, we tap in and connect to the interconnectedness of all things—this interconnected web of life that makes up the fabric of our reality of existence. It is here in nature that we can tune back in to our innate gifts and re-commune with ourselves on a whole different level.

Try sitting in a quiet place, in nature, coming to the present moment, the only moment we really ever have.
Once sitting in nature, begin gazing with your left eye, dominantly yet slightly out of focus. Begin to look at the outline of the trees, plants, and things around you. Everything—I mean everything—has an aura. A halo-shaped, crown of light/love energy around it. When you softly yet dominantly gaze out of your left eye, you begin to see this haze, this fabric of existence that makes up this space time reality. Try it next time you are in nature and witness the feelings that arise as you realize you are One with the Infinite Creator of All that Is.
In these moments, we smile to ourselves at the subtleties—we are not in nature, we are nature.
Not to mention, that, spending time in nature puts us in resonance with Mother Earth’s heart beat. Through grounding, or sometimes called earthing, the electromagnetic resonance of our hearts will tune in to the electromagnetic resonance of Mother Earth’s heartbeat. As our heart consciousness beats with and aligns with hers, we feel a sense of “home” wash over us, reminding ourselves that we are loved, we are worthy. We are infinite, spiritual beings having a human experience. And we are supported by all of Creation.

2. Come to the Present Moment

In an earlier blog post, we talked about four ways to come to the present moment (surrendering, asking for help, trusting the universe, and choosing love).
When we are in the Present Moment, using our Breath to re – align us and bringing us back whenever we feel adrift, we allow ourselves to tune in to this loving connection to all that is. This is the second way to open our hearts.

3. Meditation and Stillness: Be the Witness

The third way to open our heart space is through meditation and stillness. When we are the witness—when we make a commitment to “Be the Witness”—meaning when we stay in Observer Consciousness and witness what is coming up for ourselves in any given moment, we give our hearts permission to stay open and and invite love to flow through us.

The next time that something is “coming up” for you, try staying as detached as possible—practicing detachment, non attachment, and staying in that observer consciousness—merely witnessing what is coming up for you. So, much like if it were raining outside, you would say to yourself, “Oh, it is beginning to rain, I can feel rain drops on my shoulders. I am noticing that it is raining.”
That same thinking holds true when feelings are arising. Just like you would notice these raindrops, or perhaps just like you are watching clouds float by in the sky, you can say to yourself, “Oh, here comes sadness, I see you. I am witnessing you. I love you and am here for you.” And hold yourself with love and compassion as you observe what is coming up and through.
Staying in this heart-centered space invites your heart to feel safe and stay open.

4. Breathing

Returning to the breath is a powerful tool in co-creation.
Our breath is our life-force energy and so we can use the breath any time we wish to come back to the present moment—the Eternal Now. When we say that the “Eternal Now” is the only moment we really ever have, we mean that because ALL that exists, ever has existed, and ever will exist is only ever happening right here, right now.
There are a myriad of breathing techniques, and finding one that works for you is a beautiful permission slip to accept.
So whether it is taking deep, nourishing inhalations on the in-breath, and long, audible exhalations on the out-breath. Or, whether it is another technique where you hold the breath in for five seconds, pause for five seconds at the top, and exhale for five seconds—finding a breathing technique that works for you can help slow us down in any given moment.

Returning to the breath is the fourth way to stay centered and in your heart space.

5. Lighting a candle

The fifth way is to light a candle. The next time you are in a quiet place and have a moment to your Self, consider lighting a candle.
Begin breathing taking a few deep breaths in and out. Softly begin gazing at the flame. Again, with your left eye dominant, and slightly out of focus, gaze at the flame that is the blazing fire of Spirit’s love for you.
After a few minutes of staring at this flame of Universal love/light energy, visualize this flame coming into your heart centre. Invite this flame to come inside of your chest, pulling in the flames of the Universe’s love, gently washing yourself in light/love, love/light energy. Feel the beginnings of the flickerings of love as this light of Unconditional Acceptance of Self is installed in your heart space.
Any time after this, you can bring your attention and intention to this blazing fire of “munay” (moon-ahy) (unconditional love), fanning the flames of your existence and eternal Being.

6. Connecting with Friends

Connecting with tribe is a beautiful way to keep your heart center Open and activated. When we connect with like-minded people, we feel safe. And when we feel safe, our heart can stay open and in balance.
Our vibrations come together like tuning forks resonating at the same frequency. When we are vibrating at the same frequency, we can make a quantum leap in healing, aligning to one another’s true eternal nature, the one who was never born and who will never die.

True friends are those who witness you in non-judgment, non-attachment, and with love and compassion. They allow you to be your Authentic Self, and they hold you in sacred space as you fan these flames of existence for yourself.
The next time you are feeling down or like your heart is closed, pick up the phone and call someone you know who truly cares about you.
Set your intention to connect to their heart space, and begin breathing and coming to the present moment.

7. Color therapy

Color therapy is a beautiful practice and an invitation I accept and use in session work all the time.
Sit comfortably in a quiet place and bring your attention to your heart. Begin to breath as you focus on your chest area. After taking a few deep breaths, visualize the first color that comes to you. Trust your inner guidance: whatever color is coming up for you is the color that your aura is wanting for, for harmonization and balance.
Your aura is also called the Luminous Energy Field—the torus, egg-shaped like field of vibrations—surrounding your physical body. This is the pattern of vibrations shamans are trained to see with the naked eye, and where our imprints, wounds, traumas, and affinities lie. When imprints are created in the Luminous Energy Field, there are ripples created in our state of beingness, and these ripples become affinities, and these affinities become patterns.

In another blog post, we talked about beliefs—our disempowering beliefs and how they make up the fabric of our existence of this space-time reality. Our beliefs are powerful, mighty beings who can get us off-kilter in a matter of moments. So, the next time you are having trouble opening your heart, or perhaps feel a tightness in your chest that you know is not physical and yet can’t seem to ignore, examine what beliefs are coming up for you.
What are the lies the mind is telling you (mainly about ourselves) that are stemming from a belief— a belief that is branching from an illogical distortion?
What “belief baggage” are you carrying? We all have it, we just have to bring it into our awareness.
And then invite yourself to master awareness of awareness, and awareness of awareness of awareness, and so forth. Bringing our beliefs to the surface, especially contradictory ones that we hold, is another one of the quickest ways to begin self-healing.

8. Journaling

The practice of Journaling is an amazing tool for processing. There is nothing juicier than opening up the fresh pages of a new Journal, waiting for you to fill the pages with your story and experiences.
The next time things are coming up for you, consider pouring everything out on the pages of a sacred Journal. Sometimes, we just have to “get it out.”

It doesn’t matter what you write or how you write it, simply getting the words out on to the pages can help you release whatever you are harbouring inside of you at any given moment.
After you Journal, breathe confidently knowing that you have released what no longer serves you and allow yourself to go about your day calling back in all things that are your birthright—love, bliss, abundance, inner peace, and all things in our best and highest good.

9. Living Authentically

When we live authentically, we give others permission to do the same. Some people are not in a place to honor our chosen path, and so judgments, comparisons and the like, can arise.
What is more, is that you are a “secondary character” in the so-called drama or play of their life, and when you begin to change, you no longer are fitting into their box or role you were previously playing for them.
This makes them uncomfortable and so (most times unconsciously), they try to re-correct you back into the character that you were once playing for them. This can hinder your growth and be unhealthy in a number of ways.
All the more reason why having healthy boundaries is imperative.

10. Healthy Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is necessary for going forth in our exploration of Self and the Universe. We are the Microcosm to the Macrocosm, and we cannot explore the Macrocosm if the Microcosm does not know it’s Self—it’s individuated sense of Self or Beingness—who has healthy boundaries. It is true what they say, “We are all one”, but many people confuse this by thinking that that in some way means we don’t have to, or shouldn’t, have healthy boundaries.

This could not be farther from the truth.
Compassion and healthy boundaries is another place that seems difficult for people who come to me to reconcile. Many times they’ll say to me, “I want to have compassion, be a compassionate person, be there for someone, do the right thing. And yet I feel awful once I have done so because I am not putting myself first.”
We can have compassion, for ourselves and others, and have healthy boundaries. In fact, setting healthy boundaries is compassion. It is a “both/and” situation, not an “either/or” type of thing.
And so healthy boundaries is a must, during the self-healing process, and always.

11. Standing in Your Truth

In Shamanism, the direction of the West is represented by Jaguar medicine. Mother sister Jaguar reminds us to stand in our truth, to have the courage to say what needs to be said when it needs to be said.
Speaking our truth is a powerful way to invite others to do the same. This doesn’t mean we are creating conflict or otherwise in some way being mean-spirited, discompassionate, unloving, or disconnected.
All it means here is that we are being authentic to ourselves, we are standing on our own two feet, we are doing our best in any given moment, and we are choosing ourselves—before anyone else. Not in a place from the Ego, but in a place derived from self-love.

It is not selfishness, it is self-love.
Standing in our truth and allowing others to see what we are and who we are gives them the go-ahead to also stand in theirs.
When we are authentic with people, and speak with words of love, our truth resonates with them on a level that simply cannot be argued with. Because it is our truth.
Everyone has a personal dream, meaning a unique way that they see the world. We are all artists painting our realities and co-creating what is before us in every moment. Respecting other people’s dreams—the way they see the world, the beliefs they hold, etc.—is one of the most compassionate ways we can go about our days. Relieving ourselves from conflict, dramas, arguments and battles. Respecting the dreams and visions of others, for no one person sees this reality in the same way.

12. Sending Love, Embodying Love

Sending love, embodying love, is one of the quickest ways to fill your own Self up with love. When we send love, we are connecting to our own individual Source of energy.
When we are connected to Infinite Source Energy of all that is, we allow others to do the same.
The next time you are feeling that tightening in your chest, or perhaps those overwhelming feelings of despair—or any kind of lower vibrations—visualize someone in front of you want to send love to (or better yet, someone you don’t want to send love to).
Set your intention to connect to their heart centre. Imagine for a moment love/light energy pouring out of your heart into theirs. Begin to feel gratitude in every fiber of your being for this thing we call “life”, and then send those feelings of gratitude out through your core to the other person and the rest of the world.

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations, other than Unconditional Love, and so when we emit these powerful resonances, we can vibrate higher daily and connect back into that space-time reality where miracles are commonplace and magic is real.

13. Listen to Your Heart

Listening to your heart and cultivating inner stillness is a powerful tool in self-healing.
What is your heart saying? What messages does it have for you?
Are you thinking with your head, or with your heart?
Coming to the Present Moment, residing in that still place within you, turning your focus inward—instead of outward—and then quieting the mind long enough to hear what messages are coming through for you. Set your intention that you only hear messages of love and nothing else, that you feel with the mind, and think with the heart. Begin breathing deeply. Focus on the chest rising up and expanding, and then falling down closer and closer to the body.
There is safety in this quiet place of Surrender. There is Expansiveness here. Breathe.

14. Following our Bliss

In earlier articles, we’ve talked about a formula for living life presently and fully. When we Follow Our Bliss, amazing things become possible: We step into the flow of the Infinite Creator of all that is.
Following our bliss, to the best of our ability, in every moment, without attachment to or insistence on the outcome, is the formula. And one of the easiest ways to enact the formula is through passion.

When we do things we are passionate about, we step into that magical Flow, that “zone”. Passion, bliss, love, excitement—or any derivative thereof—is the way to get there.
Love is the vehicle.
Love is the vehicle for all things. The way we love says the most about us. The way we love ourselves and the way we love others.
You can ask yourself, “how are you loving today?”
Have you loved you today? If not, then why not? What is stopping you? If you are not loving you, or are not feeling the love for others, try practicing some of the tools we talked about here today.
And if you are loving you, and are loving others, then relax into yourself even deeper and keep doing what you are doing. Love is the only thing, the every thing.
When we vibrate at Unconditional Love, we are resonating at our true, unique energy signatures.

15. Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love comes from a place of honor and respect.
Loving people (or ourselves) unconditionally doesn’t mean the other can do no wrong. It is rooted in that timeless space of honor and respect, where we show up for the person and hold space for them no matter what they are going through. And most of all, we show up for ourselves.
When we place condition after condition on our love for people, this is the farthest thing from love.

For example, “If you do this, then I will love you. If you act this way, then I will give you my love, then I will show you I love you through reward.” Or similarly, “If you don’t do this, then I will punish you, I will not give you my love.”
Placing condition after condition on our love for people, is not love. This is control.
The next time you find yourself in any given situation that doesn’t seem to be going well, ask yourself, are you loving unconditionally? Or are you giving your love conditionally, on a “reward/punishment” basis?
So, too, the next time you are in that situation, ask yourself: Am I being loved unconditionally? Meaning, am I being shown love with honor and respect? Or, am I being loved conditionally, where I am only receiving love from the other person on a reward/punishment basis?
If you answered yes to the latter, it’s time to go back to your toolkit and set some healthy boundaries. You teach people how to treat you by how you treat yourself.
And then turn the focus inward. What lesson is presenting itself here? What mirror is this person holding up for us? Because at the end of the day, it has nothing to do with the other person, it has to do with ourselves.
And most likely—(not always but most likely)—if someone is not treating you with love and respect, it may be because you yourself are not loving and honouring your Self.
How can someone love and respect us if we are not loving and respecting ourselves?

Bringing it All Together: A Heart-Opening Truth

Sometimes I am asked, but how do we love ourselves? And the answer is, by loving others. Other times I am asked, but how do we love others? And the answer is, by loving ourselves.

How are we compassionate for ourselves? By being compassionate for others. And how are we compassionate for others? By being compassionate for ourselves.
Try these practices, and let me know how they work for you. I love hearing your feedback about your Journeys and the way things are going for you. As always please reach out and share your processes, at olivia@onelovemedicine.com. Even if you just need someone to be your sacred witness, to hold space for you, I am here for you. I believe in you!
In munay, in unconditional love,
About the author: Olivia Weil plays the roles of a NY lawyer turned shamanic energy medicine practitioner, soul alchemy coach, plant-based nutritionist, and writer. She holds post-graduate certification from Cornell University in plant-based nutrition and was trained traditionally by the Four Winds Society and shamans of the old–the indigenous medicine peoples of the high Andes. She has an international healing practice which combines ancient wisdom with modern science. To connect with her, she can be reached at Olivia@onelovemedicine.com.
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Change the World – The Council, Ron Head

Change the World.

The Council via Ron Head.

July 5th, 2019. 



Today we are going to ask you to change the world. Some of you will know that you are already doing that. But for those of you who do not, we want to return to a few simple concepts that we have discussed before. It will be beneficial to see them discussed together.

Changing the world seems to be a very daunting project to embark upon does it not? Pictures come to your minds of grandiose acts that change the course of history overnight. While that may seem to be what happens as you look at the historical record you have been given, it is not what happens. It never has been. We are excepting global and cosmic phenomena of course.

Historical change has always been made by mankind building upon previous change. Always. Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, Agricultural Revolution, and many more that you have no record of at this time were all processes that you went through. The same is what you are engaged in at present.

What we wish to discuss with you is not whether or not there is such a process happening. There is. What we wish to discuss is your place within it.

It is possible that you could be now, or may become, an individual who causes a major change in politics, in agriculture, in technology, etc. Yes, that is possible. But you must understand that throughout mankind’s experience on this tiny planet there have been many more, vastly more, anonymous persons than ‘famous’ ones. In fact, fame itself, as you know it, is an extremely recent phenomenon.

Were the untold millions not needed? The millions were the reasons for the changes. The millions were the ‘world’ that changed. The millions were the soil out of which the ideas grew. And more often than not, individuals receive credit for changes that they did not, individually, create.

Now, this is not the aspect of the subject that we wish to stress today. What we wish to point out to you is that you are sitting in an environment of vast change. This has never, in fact, happened on this scale where you are. It will be some time yet before the extent of what we are speaking of can be fully understood, but it is happening. It is happening now. This gives you an unprecedented opportunity. What so we mean?

As you are sitting in the midst of all this, you can decide something that will prove to be one of the most important decisions of your life. Or you can decide not to do that. Your choice, as always.

Are you going to go along for the ride? Or are you going to change your world? Are you going to rise each day with the intention of taking every chance to raise the vibration of the energy you are in? Smile? Be kind? Be of help? Contribute? Please learn to see every act that you or anyone else does as having an effect upon your world. It does. It does. It does. You cannot do, or not do, anything which has no effect. Every cause has an effect. Every effect is, in its turn, a cause. That is the truth of the yin/yang symbol you all have seen.

Are you affecting? Or are you at the effect of? This is a decision that you can choose to make. Our promise is that it is a decision that will change your world, your personal world.

The rest will happen. Indeed it is happening at incredibly developing speed. Many of you now can feel this. Hang on. It gets better.
The Council.
Ron Head.

There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE
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Love! ~ The Creator, Jennifer Farley


The Creator Writings.

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley.

July 7th, 2019




Love comes in all shapes, sizes and packages. 

There are no boundaries, no limits on what you can experience if you are open to it. 


Jennifer Farley





Compiled by http://violetflame.biz.ly from: 


No religious or political creed is advocated here.

Organised religion is unnecessary to spirituality.

Excellent teachings of the masters have been contaminated by the dogmatic control of these religions.

Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
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You are one! There is One Love, One Light, and One Energy ~ The Angels, Ann Albers.

You are one! There is One Love, One Light, and One Energy.

Message from the Angels via Ann Albers. 

July 6th, 2019.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Each one of you is an integral and important part of the puzzle of life. Each one of you contributes on a daily basis to the whole of humanity. Your love, your care, your prayers, and your good deeds ripple into the fabric of the cosmos just as clearly as pleasurable and healthy sensations in the body ripple through the entire nervous system.

You are one! There is One love, one light, and one energy operating in and through each and every one of you.

When you listen to your heart and allow love to come to the surface – through a kind word, a good deed, or even a loving thought – that love is registered by the entirety of the human race and all of creation. When you do something you feel guided to do, it helps the entire human race evolve.

When you share a loving thought with another you plant or nurture seeds of goodness and wisdom within their soul. You never know how these seeds will grow. You will never, upon this earth, see the true and magnificent effects of even your smallest actions.

Your love – no matter how great or “small” the expression – is a mighty force.

So when you feel compelled to say something kind, loving, or wise to someone, say it! When you feel compelled to do something good for someone (as long as it also feels good for you!) do so. When you feel compelled to say a prayer for someone – stranger or friend – do so.

If you bite into an apple and toss the seeds on the ground, then under the right conditions you have planted an orchard for future generations to enjoy! Likewise, the seeds of goodness you sow upon this earth can grow into beautiful fields of wildflowers in the hearts of humanity.

You may never know the entirety of the good you do with even the simplest action. Trust that when your heart guides you, you may be seeding great gardens of love.

No act of love is every truly “small” dear ones. You are allowing God to touch the world through your own act of free will, and by so doing, you too will feel the marvelous flow and reflection of that power running in you, through you and to you. That is your deepest desire.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

The Angels.

Ann Albers.

No religious or political creed is advocated here.

Organised religion is unnecessary to spirituality.

Excellent teachings of the masters have been contaminated by the dogmatic control of these religions.

Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

Please respect all credits.

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Mensagem de Owen K. Waters

Boletim de Dinâmica EspiritualCrescimento espiritual, vitalidade e bem-estar

7 de julho de 2019.

Tradução de Regina Drumond.




O tema eterno da história humana na Terra foi o do bem versus mal. Nós, geralmente, definimos o bom comportamento como aquele que é altruísta e solidário. O mal, seu oposto, é, então, definido como o comportamento que é egoísta, em detrimento dos outros.

Subjacente a estas definições opostas está um princípio comum, o da separação. Muito antes do tempo em que a consciência original adotasse a forma humana, todas as formas de consciência sabiam que elas eram uma, que faziam parte de um todo interligado. Isto é chamado de consciência de unidade.

Originalmente, os seres humanos estavam conscientemente ligados à natureza e, também, aos outros, assim como os animais hoje. Por exemplo, após o enorme tsunami que atingiu a Indonésia em Dezembro de 2004, um enorme número de seres humanos mortos, foi encontrado, mas não animais selvagens mortos. Todos os animais tinham conhecimento do desastre iminente e se dirigiram para terrenos mais elevados.

A mídia informou que vários elefantes normalmente dóceis arrancaram as suas estacas de fixação no chão e correram morro acima em direção à segurança, alardeando avisos para que outros os seguissem. Assim que o tsunami atingiu e começou a recuar, os elefantes retornaram e usaram o seu peso e força para resgatar as crianças das águas e as levaram para locais mais altos.

Em algum momento na história humana, nós decidimos explorar o conceito da separação. Queríamos, não apenas corpos fisicamente separados, mas uma verdadeira sensação de separação consciente de outras pessoas, do universo e do Divino.

Tivemos almas individuais, corpos espirituais e corpos físicos separados. Decidimos seguir por toda a jornada e nascermos sem ligação consciente com o outro. Em outras palavras, seríamos realmente entidades separadas e independentes, enquanto em corpos físicos.

Ainda que estivéssemos conectados com o todo, como todas as coisas estão, nós não estaríamos conscientes desta ligação. Agora ISTO, pensamos, seria uma experiência!

A razão fundamental para a individualidade é para que o Criador original possa se experienciar a partir de um número infinito de pontos de vista. O quanto mais realista seria se os pontos de vista fossem verdadeiramente independentes e criativos, com os seus próprios sensos de inteligência e livre arbítrio?

Desde aqueles dias, há muito esquecidos nas névoas do tempo, as pessoas nasceram em um mundo onde a separação é a sua realidade. É também um mundo onde o medo da carência pode se desenvolver facilmente. Sob condições adversas, a vontade de sobreviver se torna um medo pela sobrevivência. A idéia de que há tantos recursos disponíveis para a própria sobrevivência cria a vontade de lutar por estes recursos. O medo de ser dominado em um ambiente potencialmente perigoso pode levar ao desejo de adquirir poder sobre os outros, a fim de se sentir mais seguro.

E assim, o lado negativo da separação da fonte começou a se desenvolver. Enquanto as pessoas se tornavam mais e mais separadas umas das outros pelas experiências difíceis e pelos impulsos egoístas de outras pessoas, a escuridão se intensificou. Em um mundo de solidão, onde a próxima pessoa não pode ser confiável, a quem recorrer?

Prevendo estes abismos da escuridão, o Criador enviou repetidamente indivíduos de grande luz para este mundo da humanidade, indivíduos que mostraram às pessoas a saída das trevas. A cultura ocidental está mais familiarizada com os ensinamentos emocionalmente transformadores de Jesus. Outras culturas receberam também mestres que trouxeram grande luz, de formas mais adequadas a elas. Exemplos destes incluem Buda, Krishna, Confúcio e Lao Tse.

Hoje, o atual capítulo da experiência humana na Terra está chegando ao fim. Estes são os dias da Mudança. A frequência de toda a vida no planeta está sendo elevada, de modo que um novo capítulo da vida possa começar. A velha guarda está se afastando. As novas crianças que nascem hoje ressoam com a frequência da nova consciência. O mundo está mudando e, hoje, estamos testemunhando o nascimento de uma Nova Realidade.

Owen Waters.




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Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild: 2019/07/07

Message from Federation of Light.

Via Blossom Goodchild.

July 7th, 2019. 


In black=Federation of Light
In grey=Blossom Goodchild
Hello to you our friends somewhere out there … and STILL the full-on Energies continue. Surely, this all has to be leading up to something?
Welcome to Each one and yes, Dearest Blossom as we have said … these Energies indeed, have their place in the Grand Divine Plan. We feel we have spoken of their purpose etc. so we would like to continue on and speak about forthcoming events that coincide with all that is taking place at this time.
You will be experiencing so much ‘upside-downness’.
Isn’t that the same as Topsy – Turvyness?
To a degree, yet, if one were to ‘read into this a little more’ you will understand that which we are trying to express.
Personally, I get topsy turvy, yet upside-downness … no … not really! Pray tell?
In that, everything will appear to be as if one is standing on their head (again, not physically) Everything will seem as if it has turned upside down and indeed around … for such ‘moments’ are to come, that it shall be as if no one really understands what is taking place. And for a while … no one will.
Our words to you would be PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE!
I keep hearing that in my head.  All very well, yet in order to prepare, one needs to know what for!
For THE CHANGE … is it just around the corner.
And how would we do that … because we don’t know what the change involves?
Yet, you know that it would be wise to center yourselves. To take a few minutes to say to yourselves ‘I AM READY’.
And ‘May the Force be with me’ type thing?
And it will be.
The Force of Great Light shall be with Each One as you prepare your Beings for that which you have been waiting for, for so long.
Ok. I am not going to put a dampener on this by saying we have been here waiting before etc. I will go for it and go with the flow as the Energy you are bringing through is once again, VERY STRONG on this matter.
Blossom and All … Take into your Hearts your KNOWING … your FEELING … and ask yourself how YOU FEEL about all this? Does it feel like a change is coming?
Could do … has done before … and then … zilch, in a way we were hoping for. Goodness, over all/after all this time I have become so sceptical. I sort of daren’t build my hopes up once again, only for them to be thwarted. Eh … did I not just say I would go with the flow? I just can’t help this ‘doubting Thomas’ in me, that this could actually be it and that it is just around the corner … remembering your corner could be 20,000  miles away.
May we make a suggestion?
By all means.
Consider the fact that IT IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. What if you KNEW … what if you had seen/felt and therefore, were simply waiting for that time to arrive?
WR  (With respect) … ‘Isn’t that what we’ve been doing for what seems like millennia?
Yet, we are speaking of NOW. 
I know you are and somewhere in me is the ‘I’ll wait and see’ … and you have to be able to accept the reason why I feel this way … as do so many. It is not that I am not prepared to prepare. Yet, at the same time … not ready to shout it from the rooftops.
We would say we ‘try’ to understand your ‘brushing it off’ yet, we have never lied or manipulated or lead you down the garden path … as you would say. It is due to misunderstanding the concept of time from both parties that has made you feel this way. Not that ‘IT’ is never going to happen, is this correct?
Yes and yet, you have said that we would know when such an Event was on its way, due to the warm-up (don’t know how to put it.) This that we are going through doesn’t feel like the warm-up band that’s for sure.
Yet, maybe it is the dress rehearsal?  The preparing for …
Maybe?! To be honest, I am quite happy to just keep moving along enjoying my life the best I can and being grateful for it all. Anything else I will consider a bonus. Like so many feel, it would be SO GREAT if ‘A Miracle’… ‘Any Miracle’ happened on a scale that we could all FEEL A HUMUNGOUS SHIFT. It would really, really, really give us a lift. Yet … here we sit. Don’t get me wrong, I am in a great space apart from feeling wiped out!
Dearest Blossom, we are amused at your lack of ‘Whoohoo-ness’.
Oh, it’s there inside somewhere and when ‘just around the corner’ presents itself … you will hear my woohooing throughout the Universe! You will hear everybody who has been waiting ‘whoohooings!’ I guess as well, it’s not knowing what to expect.
We cannot explain what to expect … because more than anything, it is going to be THE FEELING within you that will leave you awestruck.
We could continue on, yet we feel you know that which we speak of.
Dearest friends, I can ‘sort of’ get all of this … the Higher level of me knows this as Truth. Yet, so many feel it will not be in their lifetime and I have often wondered if it will be in mine? Yet, you have said it will. I suppose there is no time like the present.
You see Blossom, we felt that this is what we would like to have spoken about in this communication, as it is necessary and appropriate … would it be that you would rather us not?
Not at all. You must speak about that which feels right to do so. And what if … and that’s a big ‘what if’ … a Miracle or Event or even semi Event or Happening … or whatever occurred before the year was out … I ‘d be pretty miffed you hadn’t spoken of it!
Then you see our point.
Which leads anyone to surmise something will happen before the year is out!
It does indeed.
Well, my friends, I guess all we can do is wait and see. I so hope you are correct for ‘every’ reason and yet, if it didn’t … would I still carry on these chats?  Yep, I would, because I know, aside of all this ‘WR’ Event ‘lark’, so many are encouraged and uplifted by your words/teachings.
Blessings upon us all.
Oh indeed. Where to from here? The session isn’t over yet according to my calculations.
What would be best … shall we talk of the weather?
Lol! Yet that wouldn’t be a bad idea.  It is behaving very strangely and of course, you will say it is the Energies.
For this is so. The weather patterns are evening out the weather Energies. All strange behaviour is occurring due to bringing about ‘balance’, in order to even levels out.
Levels of what?
Levels of and within your biosphere. So it is, in a sense, ‘preparing’ for what is to come and equalizing Energies in order to be able to receive the WAVE OF LIGHT that is to change all.
The more prepared EVERYTHING IS … the more easily this Wave is accepted and received.
So, what else besides us and the weather?
The very Core of your Planet is grounding herself in preparation. All nature is communicating with one another in order to prepare.
As too … the very CORE OF YOUR BEING is preparing itself for this that is on its way.
I both hate it and Love it when you say that. Did you miss a few answers on my application form when accepting me for his job? Answers to questions like ‘Will you always Trust in our Truth?’ and my answer was … ‘That would depend!’  You KNOW I LOVE YOU … and YOU and I KNOW that this banter back and forth is purely about the ‘time factor’ as opposed to anything else. We have misunderstood that so many times before. However, that is not to say, I am not secretly hopeful. I mean, it has to happen sometime, right? … And indeed why not NOW?
We have a little more to say. We are grateful that you would have answered so … for it would not be correct for you to Trust us blindly. It is of much importance that you follow your Heart and your Truth … for in doing so, you allow answers and points of view that give others their voice in all of this … And in ALL OF THIS … WE ARE ONE.
Many thanks, Guys, Truly. I AM WHO I AM. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Blossom Goodchild
  1. http://blossomgoodchild.com
  2. http://blossomgoodchild.blogspot.com

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Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

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Domingo, 07 / 07 / 19

NOVOS INÍCIOS ~ Arcturianos, Suzanne Lie.


Mensagem dos Arcturianos

Através de Suzanne Lie.

3 de julho de 2019

Tradução: Regina Drumond 


a 7 de julho de 2019.


O dia 4 de julho representou o "novo começo" de um "novo país". Portanto, pensei em pedir aos Arcturianos que nos falassem sobre "Novos Começos". Meus queridos, Nós somos os Arcturianos aqui para falar com você sobre “novos começos”. Como todos vocês estão cientes, um “novo começo” segue um final daquilo que vocês superaram e / ou ultrapassaram. Portanto, pedimos que você reserve um momento para perguntar a si mesmo: "Que pessoas, lugares, situações ou coisas eu já superei?" Se você está ou não ciente disso, fazer essa pergunta direcionará sua atenção para o que você está PRONTO para liberar ou mudar amplamente. Observamos que, geralmente, os humanos demoram muito para ponderar sobre a “liberação” daquilo que foi importante em sua vida. Se esse tempo for baseado em uma “revisão de vida” na qual você se dedica a examinar quais componentes da sua vida estão funcionando para você, dão-lhe prazer, além de lhe dar um forte sentido de propósito e clareza, então é uma ideia muito boa. Por outro lado, se a sua “revisão de vida” leva-o a um desconforto profundo, ou mesmo à depressão ou à raiva, é uma boa ideia encontrar alguém em quem possa confiar, para ajudá-lo nessa difícil transição. Sim, usamos a palavra “transição”, já que observamos que os humanos muitas vezes têm dificuldade em fazer a transição para algo diferente do que estão acostumados. Esse “desconforto” é o que precisa ser tratado para que você possa entender melhor a si mesmo e a realidade que criou para si mesmo. De fato, uma das principais transições que percebemos como um desafio humano é a transição de aceitar que vocês são os criadores de sua vida. Se puderem aceitar que vocês são os criadores de sua própria vida, levem em conta o que funcionou para vocês, e se perdoem pelos "erros humanos" da "vida na terceira dimensão". Nós, os Arcturianos e todos os membros de sua Família Galáctica desejamos que você saiba que podemos ver e entender profundamente as dificuldades que são um componente de viver na freqüência tridimensional da realidade. Mesmo que alguns de nós ainda não tenhamos tido uma “jornada de dever” na Terra tridimensional, todos nós trabalhamos juntos para ajudar aqueles que retornaram de uma encarnação tridimensional. Alguns dos nossos retornados tiveram uma grande aventura, e alguns dos nossos retornados tiveram dificuldades no tempo limitado, polarizado em que perceberam a realidade da Terra tridimensional. No entanto, TODOS os nossos retornados ficaram profundamente comovidos com a maneira pela qual a querida Gaia, a consciência da Terra, foi maltratada por alguns dos seres terrestres. Dizemos “alguns” dos seres terrestres, pois ficamos muito felizes em observar que mais e mais humanos estão assumindo a responsabilidade pessoal pela saúde e pelo bem-estar do planeta que eles tornaram o seu lar. No entanto, ainda há muitos seres humanos que ressoam com a uma baixa frequência de consciência que causam danos a Gaia regularmente. Muitos desses humanos não são realmente “humanos”, pois são os tenebrosos que podem assumir uma forma humana, mas o fazem por razões negativas. Portanto, lembramos aos nossos representantes humanos que olhem para o coração de uma pessoa para determinar se ela se parece com o amor ou com o medo. Sim, de fato, os trevosos são movidos pelo medo, e é por isso que eles podem causar tanto dano a Gaia e a todos os seus habitantes - incluindo outros humanos. Aqueles humanos que estão despertos e conscientes do seu próprio Eu Superior podem facilmente identificar esses “perdidos”, como os chamamos. Esses perdidos muitas vezes roubaram sua Nave de outro que estava ancorado nos reinos inferiores do Plano Astral da quarta dimensão. Contudo, os perdidos não podem elevar sua consciência e, portanto, a freqüência de sua consciência, além do Plano Astral Inferior. De fato, muitos desses “perdidos”, como os chamamos, estão tentando retornar aos reinos mais elevados depois de seu “tempo na Terra”. No entanto, eles prejudicaram a querida Gaia, assim como aos Seus muitos habitantes de alguma maneira. Portanto, de acordo com nossas Leis Universais, eles só podem retornar ao Plano Astral Inferior, onde receberão instantaneamente a energia que enviaram. Na realidade tridimensional de Gaia, pode-se fazer muitas coisas prejudiciais para os outros e para o planeta, mas parece que eles"escapam disto”. No entanto, no final de sua encarnação na Terra tridimensional, eles irão para a quarta dimensão. Os mais inferiores subplanos do Plano Astral Inferior da quarta dimensão, que ecoarão e refletirão para aqueles que chegam, a soma total dos campos de energia que eles deixaram em Gaia. Para aqueles que usaram sua encarnação em Gaia para espalhar sabedoria, bondade e amor incondicional, criaram sem saber um portal de Amor e Luz através do qual eles, assim como todos os outros que passaram sua encarnação baseados no Amor e Luz, poderão desfrutar e prepararem-se para sua maravilhosa experiência nas realidades da quinta dimensão. Se e quando, aqueles que poderiam apenas ressoar com o Plano Astral Inferior, aprenderem a viver e a compartilhar o Amor Incondicional com os outros, eles também serão capazes de ressoar com a quarta dimensão superior, e eventualmente ascenderão à quinta dimensão. Nenhuma de suas jornadas é uma "forma de punição". É apenas que "energia emitida é igual a energia recebida". Portanto, aqueles que pareciam “ficar impunes” de muitas ações egoístas e cruéis com Gaia e com qualquer um de seus habitantes, precisarão permanecer nos planos inferiores até que se lembrem de que “eles são os criadores de sua realidade !! " Eles não estão sendo punidos. Mas, eles estão recebendo de volta exatamente o que eles colocaram para os outros, incluindo Gaia e TODOS os seus habitantes. Como, e se, um habitante do Plano Astral Inferior se lembrasse e escolhesse viver e compartilhar “Amor e“ Luz” com os outros membros daquele plano de realidade em que se encontravam, eles avançariam para freqüências cada vez mais altas de luz. Se eles puderem se lembrar de como ressoar com a quinta dimensão, eles poderão voltar para sua antiga nave ou planeta natal para continuar sua cura. É somente quando eles forem capazes de retornar à quinta dimensão, e servirem nessa freqüência até que estejam totalmente prontos, que poderão experimentar outra encarnação em Gaia. No entanto, se eles retornarem à Gaia cedo demais, os muitos desafios difíceis da terceira dimensão poderão corrompê-los novamente, e é por isso que ainda existem “os tenebrosos” na Terra. Estes trevosos freqüentemente alternam entre Gaia e a vida astral inferior após a vida. É por causa dessa dinâmica que viver na Terra pode ser um desafio. Felizmente, ainda existem muitos humanos que vivem na Luz e no Amor e se esforçam para não apenas curar outros humanos, mas também para ouvir Gaia e todos os seus muitos habitantes. Esses humanos são profundamente honrados em sua travessia para os Planos Superiores. De fato, muitos dos “seres humanos de amor e luz” (como nós os chamamos) atravessam durante o sono para visitar seus amigos, família e até seu próprio Eu de dimensão superior. “Como podemos visitar nosso EU?” Ouvimos você perguntar. Você pode visitar o EU de quinta dimensão mesmo enquanto estiver vivendo em seu corpo da terceira dimensão. Sim, isso é, de fato, possível. Tudo o que você precisa fazer é expandir sua consciência tridimensional para sua consciência de quinta dimensão. Naturalmente, uma coisa é expandir sua consciência enquanto você está meditando em sua casa, estando com um grupo de amigos que pensam como você, ou estando na Natureza, mas outra coisa é manter sua consciência expandida enquanto você passa pelos muitos desafios da sua vida diária tridimensional. É por essa mesma razão que desejamos elogiá-lo por ser capaz de “lembrar-se do seu EU”, enquanto enfrenta os desafios da vida cotidiana. Mas, como você se lembra do seu EU durante sua vida diária? COMO VOCÊ se lembra do seu EU, durante os desafios da vida cotidiana? Muito obrigado por se juntar a este grupo. E se TODOS escolhermos apenas uma coisa que nos ajude a lembrar do nosso EU - e depois nos lembrássemos do nosso EU ?!! Agora, isso seria uma grande festa de 4 de julho! Onde quer que você viva, em qualquer país, tire um longo tempo para COMEMORAR O SEU EU Os Arcturianos através de

Suzanne Lie.



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Domingo, 07 / 07 / 19




Mensagem dos Anjos através de Ann Albers.

7 de Julho de 2019.

Tradução: Regina Drumond. 



Cada um de vocês é parte integrante e importante do quebra-cabeça da vida. Cada um de vocês contribui diariamente para toda a humanidade. Seu amor, seu cuidado, suas orações e suas boas ações se espalham na estrutura do cosmos tão claramente quanto sensações prazerosas e saudáveis ​​no corpo se espalham por todo o sistema nervoso. Você é um! Existe Um amor, uma luz e uma energia operando em cada um de vocês. Quando você ouve o seu coração e permite que o amor venha à tona - através de uma palavra amável, uma boa ação ou até mesmo um pensamento amoroso - esse amor é registrado pela totalidade da raça humana e por toda a criação. Quando você faz algo que sente orientado a fazer, isso ajuda toda a raça humana a evoluir. Quando você compartilha um pensamento amoroso com outro, você planta ou nutre sementes de bondade e sabedoria em sua alma. Você nunca sabe como essas sementes irão crescer. Você nunca, nesta terra, verá os efeitos verdadeiros e magníficos de suas menores ações. Seu amor - não importa o quão grande ou “pequena” seja a expressão - é uma força poderosa. Então, quando você se sentir impulsionado a dizer algo gentil, amoroso ou sábio para alguém, diga! Quando você se sentir compelido a fazer algo de bom para alguém (contanto que também seja bom para você!) faça isso. Quando você se sentir compelido a fazer uma oração por alguém - estranho ou amigo - faça-o. Se você morder uma maçã e jogar as sementes no chão, então, sob as condições certas, você plantou um pomar para as gerações futuras aproveitarem! Da mesma forma, as sementes da bondade que você semeia sobre esta terra podem se transformar em belos campos de flores silvestres nos corações da humanidade. Você pode nunca ter conhecimento sobre a totalidade do bem que faz, mesmo com a ação mais simples. Confie que quando o seu coração o guiar, você poderá estar semeando grandes jardins de amor. Nenhum ato de amor é verdadeiramente pequeno. Você está permitindo que Deus toque o mundo através de seu próprio ato de livre arbítrio, e ao fazê-lo, você também sentirá o maravilhoso fluxo e reflexo desse poder correndo em você, através de você e para você. Esse é o seu desejo mais profundo. Deus o abençoe! Nós o amamos muito.

Os Anjos

Ann Albers



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É o momento de recuperar o seu ritmo ~ Sabedoria dos Anjos, Sharon Taphorn



É o momento de recuperar o seu ritmo.


Canalizada por Sharon Taphorn

6 de julho de 2019


Tradução: Regina Drumond


Se você está se sentindo mal com o mundo, é um bom momento para reunir seus pensamentos, manter o que está funcionando e abandonar o resto.

Deixe de lado as coisas do passado para que você possa entrar nessa nova fase com novas parcerias, novos contratos ou até mesmo novos começos, como um novo emprego, de volta à escola ou algo maior como uma mudança geográfica.

Seu trabalho árduo está sendo recompensado para que você possa passar para algo mais.

Você está pronto para isso! Pensamento para hoje:
Você está entrando em seu próprio direito agora! É hora de abrir suas asas e voar.

E assim é.

Você é muito amado e apoiado, sempre.

Os Anjos e Guias.

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji.

Sharon Taphorn

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Agradecimentos a:
  • Regina Drumond – reginamadrumond@yahoo.com.br


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A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e esta libertar-nos-á! -Só é real o AMOR Incondicional. -Quando o Amor superar o amor pelo poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. -Somos almas a ter uma experiência humana!

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