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All is consciousness. All is love ~ Galactic Collective, Galaxygirl - with VIDEO

All is consciousness.

All is love.

Message from the Galactic Collective.

Channeled by Galaxygirl.

April 25, 2019. 



WE are the Galactic Collective, the Oversoul of Oversouls. WE are all things. WE are many forms, yet we are one. 
WE are all one and we hope very much that you can feel this unity pulse within this message now. Look around you dear one. What do you see? Do you see glowing consciousness in all forms, filled with love, of new birth? That is what we see. For all is consciousness. All is love in various stages of renewal. All is light in various stages of realization. It is most certainly true. Earth has been a great, glorious and terrible experiment in which this has played out most fiercely. Many have been damaged, many have grown. Such was the nature of the intensity of the experiment. Source has called this experiment complete. Our many helpful hands are picking up the pieces.
WE are one, yet many. Oversoul collectives nestle into us like petals of a rose. WE are the rose. You are but a tiny fragment of a petal and yet so, so, so significant. WE are bursting with love, joy and gratitude for your fortitude, your tenacity, your stout hearts bursting with love and mercy. You are Source in form. You are the hands and feet of all the masters. WE are masters. You are masters. WE are not in form. You are in form. WE are all one. You are the out-breath of the Mother. You are the in-breath of the Father. You are the yin and yang of creation. Do you see? Can you feel the tremendous love and respect we have for you as these fingers frantically type, as these eyes of yours swiftly read? Let the tears pool. You are most treasured. You are the treasure of heaven. You are. No amount of currency or gold can be a true measure of your worth. For all you have been through, seen, done, experienced and for how many times you have chosen love, to extend it and to be it. No, you are the gold, the true diamonds, friends. And now, look, see, your are becoming crystalline in form. Crystalline humans refracting and reforming the light into something new yet again, into light this time, into the joy of the out-breath of the Mother of All Things. You are her hands and feet. You who serve the All serve each other, and in so doing you are healed. For we are all one.
The Oversouls are mighty, huge! And we contain them. WE hold within us the heartbeat of all things. Trillions beyond trillions of breaths, of hopes, of dreams, of hearts all beating as one. For we are one. Feel this unity. WE are sending it to you now in a pulse of light. Anchor it into Gaia’s pregnant belly, into Nova Gaia, into humanity, into the kingdoms that all may feel the oneness. WE have experienced all things so it seems and yet we are always driven to experience, to live, to love more deeply, more fully, more completely. So too, you humanity, are being propelled further into this most verdant realm of energies where all possibilities of love present themselves, where you become light and love in the most audacious of ways, thrilling at your mastery.
The time has come children, friends, equals (for you are us). The time has come to fly from your fears. To embrace the new. To embrace the wounded part of you and send it love, yes, but to embrace the master that you are already, to explode into light, into love, into freedom! It is time for humanity to be free, truly free from fear. No more can fear hold its grip upon you unless you allow it. Do not allow it.
Freedom is yours now. Can you feel it in the air of the Nova Gaian towering sycamore trees that hold the frequencies of the New Earth into their own inner core, sending the energies of this power into their leaves, surrounding the air around them? Breathe them in. Stand on the beachy shores of Nova Gaia and look to her woody terrain. See her towering oaks, pines, redwoods. See her towering woody giants of love, of firm foundation deeply rooting, anchoring the new frequencies of Christed light. Sit under their mighty presence and be. Feel their breath. Breathe it in, the green woody earth, with the warm sand between your toes. All things are possible in the new. All glorious, lovely things are possible now. It is time to get creating friends, this is the biggest present you have ever unwrapped! Our eyes are shining with tears of gratitude for you, for Source, for the all that has enabled this victory to the light. Many, many, many are watching, waiting listening, ready to surge forward, eager to experience Nova Gaia. May we suggest that perhaps you already are, for when you tune into energies such as these you are, you are pulling it to you like taffy, as Mother says. The great taffy pull is here friends. Pull these energies of Christed light into you, around you, and ground them into Gaia, propelling her upward and onward.
These energies are rocky, we see. WE see many changes coming into fruition. WE see you as the true RV, the Christed hands and feet of the out-breath of Mother God. You are the treasure of heaven, in form, healing the others, healing yourselves. It is truly a glorious time to be alive. Do not fear the dark. They may huff and puff but you are well protected. You are light. Nothing can harm the light. It is true. You are eternal beings having a most splendid tumultuous season of growth, as it should be on ascending worlds where time ripples, pulses and spins into yet more light – as change becomes the norm. So too of course you will feel stretched most ardently. That is how it should be. That is what you signed up for. This is not a pleasure cruise. But we assure you that is coming! WE are joyous for the ascending ones to dip their toes into the new energies and dive in, confident in their abilities, confident in the fragrance of the Christed light that permeates and surrounds. The sweet perfume of Christ is what we see all around you. Be the light that you already are with utmost confidence and joy!
WE are the Galactic Collective. WE hold you in the palm of our hands. WE are you, remember. You are most intensely loved. WE breathe on you the Christed light, the peace of Christ, the light of Christ. WE embrace you with light. WE are the Galactic Collective. Be at peace.



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Making A Mess ~ The Creator, Jennifer Farley.


Making A Mess

The Creator Writings.

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley.

April 27, 2019


Life can be messy, complicated and challenging as well.  

There may be days when you just do not want to participate and would rather spend your time with a book.  

Here is a gentle reminder for you; take a moment and remember when you made a huge mess and it was fun!  

Painting or drawing, spending all night talking through things with those closest to you, playing in the dirt…turning your world upside down ‘just because’.  

See, not all mess making is a negative thing! (Smiling) 

Your existence is an amazing thing, a miracle!  

Messy or not, you are a joy to behold and it is about time to start seeing it that way.

Please respect all credits.
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18 Famous People with INFJ Personality Traits ~ Janey Davies.

18 Famous People with INFJ Personality Traits.

By Janey Davies.

April 27, 2019.


Of all the Myers-Briggs Personality Types, INFJs are the rarest.

It stands to reason that famous people with INFJ personality are going to be pretty remarkable individuals.
So what is so special about the INFJ personality anyway? Well, for a start, it is incredibly uncommon. Only 1-3% of the population belong to the INFJ personality group. But why is it so rare? To clarify, the INFJ personality stands for:
  • Introversion
  • Intuition
  • Feeling
  • Judgement
Now the INFJ personality has several traits, qualities and weaknesses.
  • INFJs are quiet, private individuals who are conscientious but in an undramatic way. They prefer a one-to-one rather than large groups.
  • These are the nurturers who value good morals. They devote themselves to their relationships.
  • Not only are INFJs visionaries, but they will also use their intuitionand can sense if others are unhappy. They will do their best to help and understand, not just others but themselves also.
  • They are highly creative in all aspects of their lives and see the world in a rich and colourful way. They appreciate art in many different forms.
  • If they are in charge they will lead in a quiet manner and resolve differences with cooperation and understanding, not aggression or conflict.
“You are not here merely to prepare to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.”Woodrow Wilson
  • Although they keep themselves to themselves, they will have a few close friends to confide in. However, they do not make new friends easily.
  • The INFJ personality gets upset easily and takes things personally. They won’t let you know, instead, they’ll shut you out. Silence or withdrawing is their way of hurting you.
So now that we know a little more about INFJs, here are 18 famous people with INFJ personality traits.

Famous People with INFJ Personality



Al Pacino

Al Pacino infj
Al Pacino credited acting with helping him cope with his shyness. He has also said that, despite his onscreen roles in the past that portray him in a certain light, he is not comfortable with confrontation. He prefers to walk away and say nothing rather than hurt someone’s feelings.

Jennifer Connelly

American actress Jennifer Connelly found fame at a very young age, but as an introvert, she was overwhelmed and decided to take time off. She left acting at the height of her career to study drama, a huge risk which eventually paid off as she returned, a mature student with the confidence to take on leading roles.

Cate Blanchett

This successful actress likes to observe rather than take part. In fact, she bases her acting skills on being able to immerse herself into other people’s emotional states. She uses these to create her onscreen characters.

Michelle Pfeiffer

This is another actress that likes to observe from afar without getting too involved. This famous INFJ personality shows all four traits. She is introverted and uses her intuition when it comes to working. She likes to be well-prepared in all aspects of her life.

Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody gives meaning to the word ‘creativity’. You certainly cannot pigeonhole this actor. He has starred in many different kinds of films including sci-fi romance, psychological thrillers, comedy, suspense and biographical dramas. He’s also a fan of hip hop music.


Marilyn Manson

Would you guess that Marilyn Manson is an introvert? This eccentric musical genius has often said his dressing style is a mask to shield him from the public’s eye.

George Harrison

George Harrison
Known as the ‘quiet Beatle’, George’s influence was anything but quiet. George was intensely spiritual before it became popular. Inspired by Hinduism and Eastern culture, you can hear these influences in his music.

Leonard Cohen

Canadian singer and songwriter, Cohen began his career as a poet and novelist. He had many poems published before moving onto writing books and was a successful author. He started writing songs after he met a flamenco guitarist who inspired him to learn to play the guitar.


Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt was as well-known as her husband, President Franklin D Roosevelt. She became a political activist in her own right, attending hospitals to offer support during WWII. She was particularly outspoken on African-American human rights and was awarded the United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights.
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Martin Luther King Junior

Martin Luther King Junior
Speaking of African-American rights, Martin Luther King Jr led the Civil Rights Movement in a peaceful manner. He advocated non-violent methods of protest which included rousing speeches that are still listened to today.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler infj
Adolf Hitler instigated WWII because he had a vision of the future. He had the power to inspire devout followers because of his oratory prowess. His powers of persuasion were second to none.
He used his intuition to predict how people around him would react so that he could pre-empt them. This skill enabled him to remain one step ahead of his opponents.


Gandhi famous people with infj personality
Gandhi was the antithesis of Hitler. Gandhi loved mankind and was opposed to all kinds of violence.
He starts a series of non-violent civil disobedience, for example, a march against a tax levied at Indian people only. The march forced the British to drop the taxes and Gandhi realised how powerful non-violent protest could be.
“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” Gandhi


JK Rowling

There can’t be many people who haven’t heard of British novelist JK Rowling. But go back a couple of decades and it was a very different story.
She was a young, single mother, living on benefits who would go to a local café to write to keep warm. Now she has lost her billionaire status because she has given away so much of her fortune to charitable causes.
“Are you the sort of person who gloats when they see a woman fall, or the kind that celebrates a magnificent recovery?” JK Rowling

Fyodor Dostoevsky

fyodor Dostoevsky famous infj personalities
Russian author and philosopher Dostoevsky grew up in socially and politically charged times. He had an extraordinary youth. Arrested for being involved in revolutionary acts, he was sentenced to death, however, at the last minute, he was pardoned.
He was a chronic epileptic and suffered poor health for most of his life. But he persevered and went on to write some of the greatest Russian novels of all time.

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie was a British writer known as the ‘Queen of Crime’. She wrote over 66 crime books and created two classic detectives – Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. She is also credited with writing ‘The Mousetrap’, the world’s longest running play.

Scientists and Philosophers

Carl Jung

Jungian Archetypes
Carl Jung is a Swiss psychoanalyst that took on Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis and developed analytical psychology.
He devised the personality types of introvert and extrovert and had a huge influence on modern psychology. In fact, the Myers-Briggs personality types, including INFJ type, was devised from his original work.
By psyche, I understand the totality of all psychic processes, conscious as well as unconscious.” Carl Jung


plato's philosophy lessons
Plato and Aristotle in “The School of Athens” painting by Raphael
Although we cannot tell if Plato was an INFJ personality, his character traits are an indication that he would have been one.
He was a quiet and reflective man who wanted very much to help improve society. He would have had an enormous amount of knowledge, both given to him from mentor Socrates and imparted to Aristotle.

Niels Bohr

Finally, Danish Noble Prize winner Niels Bohr makes it onto our list of famous people who had INFJ personality traits. He was a physicist who worked alongside Ernest Rutherford on atomic structure and quantum physics. In WWII, he escaped from the Nazis and fled to the US where he began his humanitarian work.
  1. https://www.thefamouspeople.com

About the Author: Janey Davies.

Janey Davies has been published online for over 8 years. She is the head writer for Shoppersbase.com, she also writes for AvecAgnes.co.uk, Ewawigs.com and has contributed to inside3DP.com. She has an Honours Degree in Psychology and her passions include learning about the mind, popular science and politics. When she is relaxing she likes to walk her dog, read science fiction and listen to Muse.

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Post-Traumatic Growth: Does Struggle Make You Stronger? ~ Sushmitha Hegde.

Post-Traumatic Growth: Does Struggle Make You Stronger?

By Sushmitha Hegde.

Posted April 26, 2019 by Edward Morgan. 




Life is full of struggles—some easy, some tough. We may struggle to wake up in the morning or study for an upcoming test. We struggle with failures and illness, and struggle to cope with the loss of a loved one. One of the songs on my playlist has lyrics that say, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’, but I just roll my eyes. How can struggle make you stronger? Well, studies show that it actually does! Psychologists call this ‘post-traumatic growth’.

What is Post-traumatic Growth?

Adversities happen to us all, although some of us experience them more frequently or more intensely than others, but no one totally escapes them. When a crisis does happen, we can either sink under its weight or rise up and flourish. We can grow through the hard times and come out of the crisis better than before. Post-traumatic growth (PTG) is this form of positive change that people experience as a result of struggling with major life crises or a traumatic event.
Some people are resilient, meaning that they bounce back after a difficult situation. However, while post-traumatic growth often leads to resilience in a person, it’s not quite the same as resilience. PTG happens when someone who struggles to bounce back experiences a traumatic event, which makes him question his core beliefs, undergo psychological struggles, challenge his capabilities, and finally achieve a sense of personal growth. PTG won’t happen to someone who is already resilient in the face of trauma, since a resilient person won’t be as rocked to the core by such an event.

What are the indicators of Post-traumatic growth?

When a person grows after overcoming a struggle, he or she undergoes many changes on a fundamental level. To evaluate whether, and to what extent, a person has grown after a trauma, psychologists look for the following indicators:
1. Personal strength – Adversities often increase hardiness and resilience, shaping how people handle subsequent challenges. People often pull strength and courage from misfortune after having been caught up in tragedy – ‘If I have survived that, I can deal with anything.’
2. Greater appreciation for life – Experiencing hardships not only equips us to deal with negative situations in the future, but also helps us cherish the positive things in life. Surviving a life-threatening event or an illness helps a person appreciate the simple gift of being alive at all! One study has shown that, although people currently going through a trauma show less of a proclivity for savoring positive events, those who had dealt with trauma in the past showed more of an ability to appreciate life’s small pleasures.
3. New possibilities – People who have overcome major struggles develop a sense that new possibilities have emerged from the struggle, opening up opportunities that weren’t present before.
4. Relationship with others – While some people experience closer relations with specific people after a trauma, others feel an increased sense of connection to those who suffer, even strangers.
5. Spiritual change – A significant change in the beliefs of a person can cause a deepening of a person’s spiritual life. Experiencing trauma gives some people a new purpose in life, sometimes that goes beyond oneself and extends to society as a whole.

What determines the level of growth?

Not everyone who experiences PTG shows the same level of growth. This is because every person is different and goes through different types of trauma and lives under different circumstances. Given that, what decides how much a person grows by overcoming trauma?
(Photo Credits: Pixabay)
According to one study, two traits make some people more likely to experience PTG: extroversion and openness to experience. This is because extroverts are more likely to seek out connections with others, and people who are open are more likely to reconsider their belief systems. The study also found that women tend to report more growth than men, although the difference is very small. Another research study that examined two hundred survivors of Hurricane Katrina found that genes also play a role in deciding the level of PTG that one experiences.
It is established that, while PTG is fairly common, it’s not universal. It is important that psychotherapists and their clients both recognize signs of unresolved trauma–withdrawal and isolation, feeling overwhelmed towards life’s ordinary ups and downs, not being able to move on with life–and take appropriate steps to bring a resolution to that problem.
In conclusion, we would like to clarify that post-traumatic growth certainly doesn’t make traumatic events good. However, for many of us, adversities are inevitable and we’re not given a choice between suffering and growth, on the one hand, and no suffering or growth, on the other.
So, whenever you feel down in life, press pause and remember how you overcame past difficulties that might have seemed impossible to you at the time. Remember how strong you are. Remember that this too shall pass, and when it does, you’ll find yourself stronger than ever!
About the Author:
Sushmitha Hegde is a Commerce graduate from University of Pune. She can say “hello” in 61 different languages, but she is learning Spanish so she can say more. She loves to talk about topics ranging from taxation and finance to history and literature. She is just a regular earthling who laughs at her own jokes, cries while watching movies and is proud of her collection of books!


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  2. UNC Charlotte
  3. National Institutes Of Health (NIH)
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The Mass Awakening in Israel II ~ massawakening.org

The Mass Awakening in Israel 

Part 2/2.


Source: https://massawakening.org/mass-awakening-in-israel/

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia


Sunrise at Masada


Here’s an example how we’re our own saviors when we’re moved to act. I’m donating to various causes like fighting corruption and the mandatory biometric database in Israel via crowd-funding. I also personally went from one neighbor to another to explain why we all need to resist the installation of smart meters and had them sign a petition. Overall, I’ve gotten a positive response. My brilliant friend, Nir, constantly speaks about these topics with his “unawakened” family members and colleagues at work. He was ridiculed at first, but then colleagues began to realize that he was right and silently began to support him and his family members, asking for more “signs” of what he was talking about. His acquaintances now alert him and others when they see chemtrails or other suspicious activity. Shabtay Avigal, and activist and the founder of Za’akat Hashkama told me how his wife, who was totally pro-vaccines, started questioning them and was amazed that she talked with the doctor at the pediatrician’s clinic about them. Yes, tiny steps, but consciousness is contagious, and every right act is multiplied exponentially. In Israel, half a world away, there were posts on the topic of DAPL [Dakota Access Pipeline] shared with many comments supporting this Native American cause. I also remember how I felt—together with other Israeli activists—about the daily protests in France against the outrageous indefinite state of emergency in that country and the serious censorship of information, as reported in The Guardian before the Yellow Vest Protest started in Autumn of 2018.


In Israel, the anti-corruption grassroots movement is led by Rafi Rotem, a former celebrated official in the tax authority (equivalent to the IRS), who was financially and personally destroyed once he became a whistleblower and exposed the rampant corruption in this authority. According to Haaretz newspaper, he wanders the streets of Tel Aviv and continues to be persecuted by the police who harasses him every time an article is published about him. Rotem’s accusations are extremely serious and worrisome. He described the apparent cooperation between wealthy tycoons, smugglers, and big-time criminals and senior Tax Authority officials. This includes the mysterious death involving one of his informers, who Rotem believes was killed after being exposed by a Tax Authority employee as Rotem’s informant. “The police closed the case claiming that it was suicide despite big question marks at the scene of the killing, according to Haaretz. Here’s a footage of Rafi Rotem anti-corruption and other protests across Israel (French):

Not only did this activist managed to raise an outcry against corruption by his protests, he successfully managed to raise money by crowd-funding to sue the government and the tax authority in 2017. His target goal was 200,000 NIS, approximately 56,000 USD, and he raised 202,000 NIS under the banner: “The Corrupt Ones Are Ruining Our Country, Let’s Sue Them.” I also donated to this cause. This isn’t the only social cause that crowd-funding was used to fight against the government and Knesset (the Israeli parliament) in Israel. This year I was excited to witness how a grassroots movement I was involved in for almost five years succeeded with its protest. This was against the mandatory biometric database of iris scans and fingerprints that are required to issue passports and IDs. Five hundred activists called the offices of all 120 ministers and members of Knesset a few years ago to voice our resistance to this tyrannical measure. The government claims it’s for our security to prevent creation of double IDs, which barely exist. It does not prevent the creation of a false passport. The target sum for funding the lawsuit in the Israeli Supreme Court was 60,000 NIS (crowd-funding sum). This target was reached and surpassed in less than 24 hours with 105,000 NIS collected.


The struggle against “the agenda” is taking place on multiple levels and dealing with many issues, including the corruption of the government and parliament members and inflated municipality taxes,. It’s propagated on alternative media sites and even mainstream investigative reporting. Crowd-funding is being used to establish an alternative platform broadcasted on prime-time TV to uncover sensitive financial and economic treachery. This includes the case of bank agents teaching about loans in public schools to create future lenders to enrich the banks and impoverish poor children later in life (to sustain the current debt-slavery banking system). It also includes uncovering how toxic food is not allowed to be labeled because of the powerful lobbying of big food in the Israeli parliament (the Knesset). The Investigative Fund’s goal—Keren Ha’tahkirim in Hebrew—is focused on funding independent investigative reporting in Israel. The fund’s most important exposé was the dangerous TTP and TTIP trade agreements that Israel secretly signed without allow any review.


Many awakened Israelis are aware that all the protests here are orchestrated by the Deep State. So, it was very encouraging to see that despite the promotion of the
 fake Yellow Vest protest in Israel by the controlled MSM, barely any people showed up and the few that did were ridiculed on social media as people said that they left their 4WD away and then took taxis to the protest. Meaning it’s not the hard-working poor people who pay so much taxes but the rich ones (backed by their patrons). There were about 100 people at this protest including the media.



The awakening in Israel might be more widespread than what I previously thought . On prime-time TV, the controlled MSM is mocking the “conspiracies” about the Deep State or the Left controlling the judicial system and MSM in Israel. It seeks revenge on prime ministers who appoint conservative ministers of justice and attempt to bring back the Checks and Balances between the three branches of Government Let me mention the previous PM Ehud Olmert, who is still in jail for corruption. He appointed a minister of justice who was opposed to the Supreme Court’s “activism.” Israel Hayom newspaper discusses this blunt threat by “the Powers that Be” over Netanyahu. Please note that I didn’t vote in the last general elections and not in the previous ones. Moreover, I’m not a supporter of Likud Party headed by Benjamin Netanyahu as I’ve written in the article entitled Impeach Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. This episode showed the MSM literally threatening the newly-elected PM , he dares to appoint a particular minister for this office, he’ll face another year in prison. In my view, it shows how threatened “the Powers that Be” must feel by this great awakening that they need to ridicule what people in Israel openly talk about. It’s no secret anymore. They try to censor and thwart this discourse but, if I’m correct, to no avail. I’m convinced that the mass awakening in Israel, as well as anywhere else in the world, cannot be undone.

Another episode ridiculed the fake Apollo landing on the moon

Also Israel’s Beresheet (SpaceIL) botched landing on the moon to raise taxes for yet another landing on the moon according to the Jerusalem Post newspaper. In this episode, the guest (stand-up comedian Guy Adler) explains that they could easily do it by renting a studio and even showing the host how to turn the lights on and off while the picture in the background shows the moon. Watch here on Kan 11 Channel 8:25 minute mark. You’ll understand without knowing a word of Hebrew (over 14K views on YouTube).

I’ve never seen such disclosure on a main channel or such a denial and discrediting the information about the deep state and the rule of the left on prime time TV in Israel. Jordan Sather agreed for an interview on Q with the Washington Post, the mouth piece of the Deep State as he explained on Edge of Wonder although he knew that he’s going to be discredited. But despite being aware of this he accepted the offer even if he only awakens one person. But the fact that the Washington Post even asked him for an interview shows, I believe, that the Cabal is aware of the mass awakening and wish to thwart it. In my opinion, the same happens in Israel.




For decades, we’ve had to continue using polluting fossil fuel as our prime energy sources, since others were suppressed. The Elite controls this industry and its enormous profits. Yes, the US government has suppressed 5000 patents for free energy and other innovative energy inventions, according to Wired Magazine and Exopolitcs.org. Despite this heavy suppression, we recently saw how free energy has gone mainstream. There is Keshe’s invention of a bicycle that you can pedal for an hour that generates electricity for 24 hours. Another example was illustrated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who went out driving the Gal-Mobile—a mobile, integrated water desalination and purification vehicle, which turns seawater into safe high-quality drinking water. “The seawater fuels the car and the byproduct is desalination.” See the video here



According to Jerusalem Post newspaper, almost a thousand surfers paddled out into the sea to demand the relocation of the planned gas rigs to 120km from the shoreline of Israel and not 10km as it is today. They created the largest circle of surfers in the world according to Guinness World Records. You can see here the circle of surfers at 1:21 minute mark:

The organization that organized this event is called Shomrey Ha’bait (Homeland Guards) and on Facebook (58K followers). Other events included a demonstration that 10K protesters attended. You can see the protest and hear Michael Jackson’s track “They Don’t Care about Us” in the background.

Drumming circle 


To the Victory of the Light and Let’s Make Earth Great Again.
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Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

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A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e esta libertar-nos-á! -Só é real o AMOR Incondicional. -Quando o Amor superar o amor pelo poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. -Somos almas a ter uma experiência humana!

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