Ask The Masters.

By The Celestial Voices.

Through Toni and Sonia.

January 29th, 2019.





A preview of the Masters’ Tuesday Teachings for 22 January 2019

Because her desires don’t conform to societal norms, a woman in Singapore is conflicted and unhappy. The Masters encourage her independent thinking.
Negativity abounds in the life of a UK woman, and the Masters help her understand its origin and how to change it.
A correspondent from India gets only negativity at home, leading the Masters to urge self-love and following one’s own path.
We hope that today’s advice from the Masters will help all our readers to see how they can turn the negativity in their own lives into positive learning experiences.


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Toni and Sonia.
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The Questions:




What is a normal life?

QUESTION: Masters it has been many years and I’m still stuck. I wondered why people are able to go through the normal way of life. Find a guy get married and start a family? I can’t imagine nor accept this way of life. While I’d like to lead a different life by throwing the towels going somewhere on my own, I realize I have no courage. If so, I should follow the crowd in the way of life. What good am I? ~Happy, Singapore.
ANSWER: What is normal? Since every soul chooses their own path, how can there be a normal? The term is used by judgmental society to rate and grade citizens and encourage them to comply with what society thinks is the way things should be. On the spiritual journey, there is no right or wrong and there is no normal.
A soul may wish to experience a life where they are only concerned with learning who they are and what powers and abilities they possess as a piece of Source. That doesn’t require that they even acknowledge anyone else sharing the planet with them, and they may never need to interact with others.
Families are the way society propagates. People are taught that reproducing themselves is normal because society would cease to exist if no one had children. But if everyone participated in that model, then no soul could learn about homosexuality, transgender love, or abandonment and loneliness. These are all valid life lessons and are outside what society would say is normal.
Following the crowd is saying that they know more about why you came to Earth than you do. How is that possible? Did they plan your soul’s journey for you? I don’t think so. Do what feels like something you can learn from. Explore the possibilities. You can do anything if you have faith that you can.
Stop being so negative. Decide what you would really like to accomplish. Spend some time figuring out the way to do it, and then take one step at a time toward the goal. Everything is a choice, so if you think you can’t do something, you never will be able to do it. Allow yourself to love yourself enough to bring your dreams to fruition.

Why all the negative people?

QUESTION: Masters I want to know why I am finding living in this world very difficult? I can’t come across positive people – every single person in the family and outside the family is rejecting me and most of them are bullying me and I am finding it hard to live. Why is this happening to me even though I have done no wrong to them? ~Humaira, UK.
ANSWER: Another person cannot hurt you unless you allow them to do so. What people say to you cannot affect you unless you give credence to their words. You must accept that they know what they are talking about for it to have an impact. To be bullied, you must believe others are better, more knowledgable, or stronger than you. All souls come from the same Source and are made of the same material; some have just chosen to test that fact in differing ways.
Negativity attracts negativity, so examine your own feelings. You thrive in a negative environment because that is what you believe you deserve. You don’t see yourself as loveable and don’t return love to others. That creates a negative atmosphere, which draws more negativity into it. Right now you don’t accept that there are positive, loving people anywhere near you.
Start meditating and placing yourself into a safe space where no one else can enter without your permission. Within that space, invite your guides and ask them to help you protect yourself from any negative energy being directed toward you. Have them help you feel the unconditional loving energy of the universe. Then practice filling and surrounding the area with it and letting the positive love energy draw more positivity to you.
Start envisioning that same unconditional love being directed to the people with whom you come in contact. Supply the intention to them that they too might wish to live in positive love.
Do not engage in any arguments with others, because that is the way people pull your positive self away and replace it with negative hatred. Everyone creates their own reality. What do you want? Start shaping a world of positivity.

Finding peace

QUESTION: Masters I have tried my best to learn everyday good and be good. I have made mistakes. My parents have had their own journey and had a lot of negativity. Talking, discussing, is rare without anger. And asking for anything has not been something they are ok with at all. I had started standing up for myself but that only made things worse. Recently I did not and accepted whatever was said quietly. I attempted this because someone said they would ensure things did not get out of hand if I kept quiet and listened. They did not really take care or could not and I feel terrible and hurt. Not only upset with my parents but very let down by the person who I trusted but who just accepted horrible things being said to me. How do I change / what do I do, to find peace? ~Lr, India
ANSWER: To find peace you have to work on the life lessons that are causing all this: finding self-confidence and self-love, releasing guilt, and having faith in yourself and your decisions. Your parents are fearful that you will recognize that they are lost and not in control of their lives. They need to feel powerful, and they accomplish that by manipulating you and putting you down so they can feel superior.
Your would-be “savior” is also fearful of life and wanted to curry favor with your parents by offering you up as a sacrificial lamb, thinking everyone would learn from the experience. They truly believed in communication as the way to straighten out difficulties but had no idea how really horrible your situation had become.
Now the next step for you is to analyze why the things said to you had such an impact. Do you believe what was said was factual? You know in your heart that it was not, so why did it affect you so strongly? That had to do with your belief that you are causing some of the problems by your prior actions, that you have not been “good.”
This is ridiculous. You are believing that the demands of your parents are what make a good child. Rubbish. A lot of what they want has nothing to do with fulfilling your obligation as a good child. You frequently know exactly what makes sense in any situation, but when your parents say no, you acquiesce to their way of thinking. It’s time to start having confidence in your feelings.
Know what resonates with your soul. Develop more self-love for all the hard work you have put in during this life. Congratulate yourself for choosing such difficult lessons and moving through them. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should think or do. Have faith in the way you think things should be handled, and then carry them out.



Reincarnation Guide


Rita from Portugal asks the Masters: I finished my law degree and now I started to practice law as a trainee lawyer. The problem is that I'm not happy with what I do. I really want to give up but at the same time I'm really scared because I don't know what to do next. Am I refusing what I am supposed to do, or this is a chance to choose another path?
Answer: There are no “supposed to dos” in anyone’s life. Everything that you do is to learn something about yourself. There are many things that can be done with your training; you have just chosen an employer that does not suit your personality. Look around for other possibilities within the field. You like to help people, and there are associations who specialize in that.

Sheila from the US asks the Masters: My sis in law has voices that sound like gruff men that she speaks with as she sleeps. There are also other voices. Are these earthbound entities? Are they harmful? How can they be released?
Answer: Your sister-in-law is traveling during her body’s rest cycle, which is normal. Most of those with whom she is in contact are from the spirit world. Occasionally a discarnate tries to intervene as she is just going into the spirit world or returning from it. She is in complete control and can tell them all to leave her alone if she desires. She can also limit contact to times when she wishes to interact with them. If she shuts it down completely, she may find it difficult to reinitiate it later. The only ones that are potentially harmful are the discarnates. She can ask her guides to keep them away before she goes to sleep.

GN from Brazil asks the Masters: Please help me to understand my difficult feelings with my family, why is it so hard for me to be with them? They treat me well, I don't blame them, but I can't love more and I never want to be with them. Family meetings are so hard, always feels like duty. How can I make this easier?
Answer: Ask yourself why you feel the way you do. Sit in meditation and see what the answer is. You do not feel worthy of their love because you do not love yourself. They don’t expect anything from you but your presence. If that is too uncomfortable, remove yourself for a while and see what does make you happy. You choose how you feel about things, so take the time to examine your desires.

Roger from the US asks the Masters: In high school I saw this girl for the first time in my life and immediately felt like I was in love with her or felt a connection with her, I was never able to talk to her throughout the 4 years of high school because of my terrible anxiety but even after being done with high school 2 years later I can’t seem to stop thinking about her and being in love with her. She is always on my mind and it’s dreadfully painful because she now has a boyfriend and I can’t do anything about it. Could she be one of my soulmates and will I at some point in my life meet her again to engage in a loving relationship? Melody is her name.
Answer: You created a fantasy world around this woman. She is a soul mate of yours and you have had several lives together. She is in this life for you to see if you can develop your self-confidence and self-worth issues to the point of approaching her for friendship. If it goes any further than that, it is up to the two of you.

Beth from Portugal asks the Masters: It has come to my attention that there are still some deep questions within my subconscious mind (and heart) about my mother that I should heal. Can you tell me what and how to release this burden? I feel the time is now.
Answer: Just telling you will not help you heal. To settle this energy, you must go back to the contacts and work through the anger and hurt. You can do this through bringing up your childhood in meditation and watching it replay. Feel each incident and find out why you still feel so strongly about the way you handled the situation. Remember you were a child and didn’t think you had a choice. Now you know you do have a choice about how to deal with this. Let go of the guilt and shame and claim the beautiful person inside as your identity. Love yourself for all that you went through.

Tammy from the US asks the Masters: My Mom Nina died at the age of 59 from Heart Attack. I had not seen her in years. She suffered schizophrenia in this life. Is her spirit at a higher level for choosing to live such a life? Is she with my Grandmother or did she reincarnate?
Answer: Neither has reincarnated yet. Your mother chose difficult lessons for her life because she wanted to see if she could work her way through them. At the end she understood that she did not really need to experience mental illness, and that was why she left when she did. Lessons are lessons, and the accomplishment of trying them doesn’t have varying levels of achievement. All lessons are just lessons. Your mother is sharing time with some souls whom she knew in this current lifetime, your grandmother included.
Ana from Brazil asks the Masters: I've been in a relationship for 4 years with a man who sometimes looks like the man of my dreams and sometimes it seems abusive to me. I wonder if I should persist in this relationship? Am I the problem of the relationship?
Answer: This man has a personality difficulty. If things are going his way he is a model of decorum, but if they aren’t he is a tyrant trying to control the world. This is a lesson for you in how far you wish to go to get what you want. There are no right or wrong decisions. Ask what you truly want and don’t let him, or anyone else, make your mind up for you. There are plenty more men out there for you to meet.
Nari from India asks the Masters: My brother is going thru very tough time in India. His wife cheated on him and even tried to plan to kill him. But law is still her side. She is winning everywhere. I am trying to help my brother but don't see any ray of hope. He doesn't want to live in India anymore. You think my brother and his kids will have a successful life in the near future without his wife?
Answer: Your brother is not telling you the whole story about what has been happening. He has to decide what he sees his future being. Each party here has brought the actions into their life for the purpose of learning. The kids are very connected to their mother and would have some difficulty being cut completely off from her. Your brother needs to get rid of his anger to defuse the situation. The parties are not communicating and that is the only way to work things out.
Erin from the US asks the Masters: What is my purpose on Earth?
Answer: The same as all other souls – to understand who you are as a soul and to figure out what wisdom can be obtained through the lessons you chose to experience in this lifetime. Work on seeing what lies behind your fears and doubts.

Neet from Canada asks the Masters: I am waiting for the miracle to happen. Is it coming? Will my prayers be answered before the end of 2018?
Answer: You already know that answer. Why do you expect that you will deserve a miracle? Have you been working to produce one? Do you have the faith in yourself to create one within your reality? Every soul creates their own reality, so better reinforce your desires.

Kristy from Australia asks the Masters: What do you see me doing or working as in the future, where do I start?
Answer: We see you doing whatever it is that you decide to do. Things are not pre-ordained. Things happen in your life because of the choices you make – not because someone else set up a schedule for you. It’s like wanting to be a triathlete but never learning to ride a bike, jog, or swim. You have to prepare for a future.

Nancy from the US asks the Masters: What lesson was I, and are others, to glean from the death of a child. My daughter was called a suicide but I have doubts and am stuck in a loop trying to solve the mystery while soldiering on in a life less joy filled.
Answer: There is no one specific lesson from this horrendous occurrence. The departure can be a lesson for the soul alone or a group lesson for those who remain. Suicide is a way for some overwhelmed souls, those who have chosen to experience more than their human bodies could endure, to return Home and start all over again. Regardless of the cause, your human daughter is no longer on the same plane as you. Make a connection, through the ether, with her so she might comfort you and help you feel the love she has for you.

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