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Terça-feira, 15 / 01 / 19



Mensagem de Kate Spreckley.

15 de Janeiro de 2018. 

Tradução: Regina Drumond


A energia potente deste mês é intensificada pelo atual corredor do eclipse que estamos atravessando. À medida que nos aproximamos do Eclipse Lunar da Lua Cheia no próximo fim de semana, somos instados a criar uma união mais profunda e firme entre o nosso coração, corpo, mente e espírito. Isto suportará uma conexão maior com os reinos iluminados e sutis de nossa alma.
Atualmente, quaisquer bloqueios e barreiras remanescentes à essência da sua alma estão sendo dissolvidos. Isto está apoiando a expansão da clareza, da sabedoria e da orientação de sua alma. As emoções aumentam quando você descobre que não pode mais viver sua vida como antes. Inspirações e percepções súbitas ocorrerão à medida que você estiver aberto a  todos os impulsos internos de sua alma para guiá-lo. Sua alma sabe exatamente o que está fazendo e por quê. Confie no fluxo e no que você está sendo chamado a fazer.
Muito amor
Kate Spreckley
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Terça-feira, 15 / 01 / 19

Ask The Masters, 2019/01/15 ~ Toni and Sonia

Ask The Masters.

By The Celestial Voices.

Through Toni and Sonia.

January 15th, 2019.





A preview of the Masters’ Tuesday Teachings for 15 January 2019


Perhaps you remember being told by the Masters that some souls are confused after death and cannot completely let go of their human existence and return Home. A woman from Finland asks why this happens and why she can communicate with these souls. The Masters’ reply is fascinating.
A UK woman who feels the presence of spirit guides asks how to communicate with them. The Masters offer suggestions on how, but they also counsel her regarding her stated reasons for this desire.
A Brazilian woman is conflicted between wanting to help her manipulative sister and being free of her daily presence. The Masters reassure her about pursuing her own dreams.


You may read these questions and answers on the Messages page of the Masters' website: http://www.mastersofthespiritworld.com/.

For translations of The Masters' Reincarnation Handbook, click on this link: http://celestialvoicesinc.com/?page_id=24 - or the Bookstore tab on the Masters' website.

Download your free handbook from the Masters in the new French translation or any of the other ELEVEN (so far) languages listed.

Love, Light and Laughter,
Toni and Sonia.
Celestial Voices, Inc 




The Questions:



Souls afraid to go Home

QUESTION: Masters, I have started to see on the astral level and there are souls who have not realized they have passed away. Some of them keep acting the same as in their lives on Earth. They are confused, and they come to my aura. I tried to send them to the light but some of them did not want to go and they grab my hand and don’t want to go further. Those souls are everywhere and sometimes I “hear” their talk. Actually, they have same personality as when on Earth and they can feel emotions, like fear. Why there are souls who stay in this level? Why they don’t keep going to the light? And why I can see, feel and talk to them? ~Amalie, Finland.
ANSWER: You have the ability to see and communicate with these souls because you choose to do so. You had decided that, sometime along your present journey, you would like to offer assistance to those who don’t realize who they are, souls who had chosen to have a human experience. You can do this since you have become enlightened with the knowledge of your essence as a soul while you remain on Earth in your human form.

You understand the blissfulness of Home and its unconditional love. Souls who have not come into this awareness during their time as humans are still controlled by the negative thoughts and ideas they believe are their only option. They cling to what they think they know, which is the belief system of reward and punishment, or karma, for what they have done during their life.
Their reality is that it is safer to remain on Earth since they don’t want to be subjected to “hell”. They are still in touch with all the emotions of the human body because they have not completely released their hold on it. They feel safe in the negativity in which they lived and cannot imagine unconditional love.

Some just need a little push, such as telling them they can move on, and others need more assistance to overcome their doubts and fears. Whether they move or not is completely up to them.
Something that helps make up their minds is suggesting they will be reunited with loved ones who predeceased them. You can even ask those friends and lovers to come and get them. Another helpful tactic is suggesting they ask their guides to accompany them across.

Some of these souls are remaining because they think there are things they have to do, such as help one left behind or get revenge for some wrong done to them. These souls are more difficult to assist because they are adamant in their beliefs.
Do whatever feels comfortable to you, even if that is nothing. If it ever becomes too much for you, you have the ability to shut off the connection.

Connecting with guides

QUESTION: Masters I can feel spirit guides around me I see the signs of their presence how can I build a strong connection with them? I want to talk to them, get their guidance to have a pain free successful life as an independent individual. ~Humaira, UK.
ANSWER: Intention is the connection. But, that said, intention without action is nothing. You must initiate the conversation. And don’t have expectations of the form that it will take. They may connect in a normal human conversational way, or they may give you other signs such as sounds or lights, or direct you to outside sources.

Already you have expectations that a connection to your guides will assure you of a pain-free, successful life. That may be so – but it might also not be what you planned for this life before coming. Guides will never tell you exactly what to do; they will merely advise you on accomplishing the possibilities you chose.
Being an independent individual doesn’t mean needing the assistance of your guides. It means taking responsibility for the decisions in your life that direct you through it. Each soul creates their own reality in which to learn their chosen lessons. Letting others tell you what to do or what you need is counterproductive to learning.

Get out of your thinking mind, which is filled with the thoughts, ideas, and demands of others. Always look at life through your feeling heart. Is this action one you may learn from? Is this something you need to do to become more aware of who you are?
Stop wanting someone else to validate your life for you. You have all the answers, so start listening to yourself.

Dealing with sister’s lessons

QUESTION: Masters I have never realized how unhappy and manipulative my sister is, she becomes a victim to draw attention, she is of unbelievable need. One of my lessons in this life is to learn to be strong and firm in making decisions and not bow before her and anyone’s wishes, but tell me, is it wrong for me to want my life? Living well away from her is one of my greatest desires because I do not know if this behavior has a remedy. How to proceed? How to deal with it? She has an interesting side; helps people and is generous, but I wonder if she does not do those things to get the recognition, she “thinks” she deserves. How to deal? ~Maressa, Brazil.
ANSWER: It is never wrong to wish to learn in whatever fashion seems the best for you. The decision to remove yourself from what is dysfunctional activity for you is never a bad one, because it will allow you to see from the outside what you have endured from the inside.

You have been drawn into your sister’s life lessons, actually being a part of them, and you do not need to remain. You can watch what happens to, and around, her and understand what you could learn from, and in what you do not need to partake.

She will move through her lessons only to the extent that she is ready. She craves love, and her assistance to others is how she feels she can obtain it. Being a victim is her “fallback” plan when she senses people are fed up with her or not noticing her the way she desires. She is very lonely and hates herself. Without any self-love, she finds ways to demand it from others.

This is her journey and all the decisions have to be hers. There is nothing you can directly do to, or for, her. Send unconditional love to her soul that she might recognize the lessons that plague her – or at least that is how she sees them now. This extra positive energy might open her eyes to her behavior.

It is important not to engage with her in any arguments because that fuels her energy of attention. Just say: “I know that is your opinion, but I don’t feel that way.” She can argue with what you think but not with what you feel, because she is not inside you.

All your future choices are yours. If you wish to create a distance between you, by all means, do so.


Reincarnation Guide


Paula from Portugal asks the Masters: For more than 20 years I felt a strong connection with a married man, and we had relationship, I believe we genuinely fall in love but none of us truly want a True compromise. However, he ended with me cowardly, with no explanation at all, just a mail. Until now I still ask to myself why This small behavior! I felt the need of closure, did he ever love me? Why This way? What kind of man is he?
Answer: This man is an opportunist. You were available, you were willing to an extent, and you kept your mouth shut about your liaisons. He was using you as a diversion from his family, knowing he had nothing to worry about because you were also not ready to commit. He felt the whole thing was just consensual sex. He loved the sex, but you were just a means to an end. His wife found out and he didn’t want anything to jeopardize his marriage, so you had to go.

Iara from Brazil asks the Masters: Why are not the results of my attempts to find inner peace become permanent?
Answer: Once you taste that inner peace, you then become lazy and just expect it to remain without having to do anything. When you find it by removing negativity and basking in unconditional love, you must continue to force the negativity away.

Reeta from Finland asks the Masters: This is a very important question for me. I was asking one thing what has been always the biggest dream for me, I got it, but as you can guess, also lost it. Now my life feels senseless. I don’t want to live, if I have to live without this what I had, because now everything is just surviving, and there are just no equivalent things. Also, in general, I can’t accept these lessons in a way. Or let’s say, can I have a ”good” life regardless of the hard lessons? I’m very lost in my thoughts at the moment in my life.
Answer: You are trying to control your existence in spite of the lessons you chose. This is an impossibility. You can create a reality, but it is limited by the previous choices you made. In the human world nothing remains stagnant; it is always changing based upon what other souls you come in contact with. When you fulfilled your dream, you had nothing more to do in that regard and life became hopeless. Examine what else there is with which you might experiment. There is a lot more possible for you if you are not too lazy to find it.

Se from India asks the Masters: I've been fairly successful in my life till now. However, I'm looking to take a major step with regards to my career. Am I going in the right direction? Is there anything that I am missing?
Answer: You are too dependent on getting approval from outside yourself. The only journey that is important is what you, yourself, choose. Take everything you are contemplating and see if it resonates within. If it doesn’t feel good, look for alternatives. A soul is always where they have chosen to be when they are there.

Martina from India asks the Masters: I have deep love for animals and have been rescuing stray dogs for the past 10 years. You said that some of them have souls while others are animated by a spark of Source. How can I tell the difference? I also wonder if there are humans who are animated by a spark of Source and don't have souls?
Answer: All humans have souls. It doesn’t matter whether an animal has a soul or not. The whole purpose of a soul choosing this type of body is to experience different types of lessons. Just treat them all as pieces of Source. Most of the time the soul within will not identify itself because they just want to be an animal and not a soul having an animal experience.

William from Brazil asks the Masters: I had an awakening and a rebirth in unconditional love, because I could not maintain this strong union even now with the presence of the higher self?
Answer: You can return if you let go of your expectations. Unconditional love is everywhere for the asking as long as you don’t place restrictions upon its character. Just relax into your soul essence and open to the sensations. Don’t try to define it – just embrace the feelings.
Kim from the UK asks the Masters: My oldest dear friend has rejected my daughter (her God-daughter) for not doing as she wished and has been rejecting me as well, which is a pattern of hers when feeling hurt. I have loved her all our adult lives and am struggling to move on. How can I accept her behavior?
Answer: Your friend is extremely unhappy and feels that the world is against her. When people do not do as she thinks they should, she interprets this as being betrayed and disrespected, so she pulls away instead of engaging in a discussion over what has happened. She then second guesses her own actions and motives and retreats into herself, so she doesn’t feel more imagined hurt. All you can do is send her unconditional love that she might work through these problems and return to the person you first met.
Woman from Brazil asks the Masters: I would like a clarification on why I have difficulties in opening myself sexually to my partner after a time of coexistence. At first, I like sex, but then I close myself and that makes the relationship very difficult. I was asked if I was abused in my childhood, but I have no memories of it. I feel that I have no sexual problems, but I have this specific difficulty after some time with someone even if I still like the person who I live with.
Answer: You want things to be new and exciting, and when they become too predictable you get bored. The situation is as much your fault as anyone else’s because of your expectations and not investigating what you can do to brighten up the relationship. You were never sexually abused, and your difficulty is not with the sex itself but with your expectations of having new and different experiences. Do some research into fun and exciting ways to share with a partner.

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A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e esta libertar-nos-á! -Só é real o AMOR Incondicional. -Quando o Amor superar o amor pelo poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. -Somos almas a ter uma experiência humana!

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