Love is Letting Go of the Fear!

Mastering the matrix-like mutation, collective consciousness virus. 

From ... the Soul and Spirit of the Maya, and the Star Elders.

through Aluna Joy

Villahermosa, Mexico. 2020/03/17.

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It has been 20 years, a Mayan Katun cycle, since the last collective fear virus has engulfed your world and tried to attack your spiritual growth. This was the Y2K event that was feared would stop your world in an instant. Some panicked and filled their bunkers with supplies to sustain life. Others could see through the illusions and filled their hearts with love and celebrated. But now you all know that this fear of instant and total collapse of your world, that was implanted into the collective field of humanity’s consciousness, was an illusion all along. You became much stronger within yourself from this test. 
Now you have reached another Katun cycle of 20 years. You are ready to grow much further now. The same level of testing as before would not challenge your Spirit enough to shift you or bend you into realization to hold a wider range of reality that is beyond linear time and space. 
At the beginning of your year 2020, a new test began in your collective human field of consciousness. This is a multi-layered, matrix-like mutation, collective consciousness virus that has been put into place. Thus, it is to test you on much deeper levels, and it comes with multiple perspectives and no clear one truth. 
This 20 year Katun will teach you to trust the way of truth within you; not the “truth” outside you. This test is using cosmic shock therapy. Jolts to the system break free old patterns and will clear old ancestral wounds. This time it IS a shock to the system like no other. Truth will no longer be a point in time that is clear. Truth will be like a moving target in which you will need to adjust your perspectives according to the quickly evolution of the truth you seek. There will be many sides ... all which are moving in definition, and truth will be relative. 
Again, some will fear and others will celebrate. But which side you are on will be blurry and out of focus, and you will doubt yourself often, and feel you are missing the point. There are right and wrong choices on all spectrums of this matrix. Yet these are either from the consciousness of love, or from the consciousness of fear. You might feel like you are missing the lesson in this trial. All we can say is that this will become clearer in time.
Lessons will be learned. This is a fact. Many will heal very ancient issues coming from your genetic ancestral lineages. You will see many things resurface in this slowing down process of lockdown and isolation. You might feel the extremes of heightened intuition vs heightened fear. You might feel that you are on the edge of madness inside and then suddenly be washed over with peace.
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You might feel the ancient echo of soul-breaking abandonment and then feel deeply connected. You might feel tragic, unimaginable losses and find new avenues of abundance. You might feel total desolation and then feel so full of spirit that you can’t contain it all, and you are not meant to anyway. Most of all, you might face the memory of unfathomable human suffering; then move past it and find true bliss. Once you slow down and face the fears that are rising up in you and greet them with open arms with love, knowing that these things can no longer hurt you, you transform it, not only for you and your genetic family, but you also give help and hope to the entire human race. 
No doubt these tests are coming hard and fast. They will come in multi layers and from shocking and surprising directions. Stay open and know that you are safe and that this is a a great healing.
Mother Earth is celebrating. The gift of your slow down. Her atmosphere is clearing and the waters are purifying. This is a much needed reboot for Mother Earth as well as for humanity. Energy ley lines on earth are being released, set free, and are in an exploding expansion cycle all over the Earth. 
This process is cleaning and clearing out what is left of the old Earth template and human consciousness programs to create a new chalice-like vessel and Earth template in which to pour in new energy, strength and vitality, like a pure river of creative intention that will be the foundation for the world and awakened consciousness that you can not imagine in this moment. 
By 2040, the next Katun, you will have assimilated, merged and mastered fear completely, and fear will never affect your ability to access your truth ever again. 
Aluna’s side note ... Please be respectful as much as possible during this time, and be conscious of yourself as not to spread or cause harm to another. It is not coming from fear to isolate or do personal distancing in these challenging times. Love your neighbors as yourself no matter what their belief system is. We are all in this together.
Radiant Blessings ~ Aluna Joy  -  Copyrighted 2020
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