Situation update.

by Per Staffan.

March 28th, 2020.



Critical developments are underway and this goes far beyond the corona crisis. The Coronavirus crisis was started by the global cabal in China. The main purpose was to bring the global economy to a crash, which would prevent Trump from being reelected in 2020.
However, the Alliance with Trump and Q were aware of what was coming and let the cabal go ahead and instead developed plans on their own for how to take advantage of the situation. The shutdown of the country cannot go on forever – we cannot afford it, but it can serve a purpose in the short term for the Alliance – beyond limiting the spread of the virus.
It is an effective way of making sure people are not out in the street and gather in large crowds. Q has gone out and said that a much more complete shut down will be in place from April 1st to April 10th. Presumably this will be announced by Donald Trump on March 31st. This will give the Alliance a golden opportunity to carry out mass arrests during this period, minimizing the chances of violent clashes. Pointing to this is also the fact that Bill Barr and the Justice Department last week lifted Habeas Corpus on a temporary basis from the Constitution. The important aspect of this act is that people arrested on charges of treason and other such crimes can be held in arrest for a prolonged period of time.
In other words we have a period of ten days in early April where the country will be shut down and the field is wide open for arresting large number of people. Trump has various military sources to his disposal to carry out this mission, such as the National Guard.
It is also possible that the complete take over of the Federal Reserve by the US treasury Department will be done during this time.
Of course, the cabal is not unaware of such developments. Question is – Do they have any ammunition left?
For those of you who are no fans of Donald Trump I would just say give our General Donald Trump a chance to win this war. Winston Churchill was not very popular in the beginning either, during WW2.
Much of the advance information comes from Q, which is then verified in various ways. There are many good “decoders” of Q. One of my favorites is David who produces the X22 reports. Below you can find his two latest focused on political developments.
Hang in there and lets keep our fingers crossed for April and a glorious Easter.
Per Staffan


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