The Sea of Consciousness and Oneness.

A Message to Lightworkers 

Collective of Guides.

Through Caroline Oceana Ryan.

March 20th, 2020


This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:


Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.
We see that many of you are in the throes of stress, anxiety, and general unsureness about Life, and we are able to assure you, that is understandable, even natural, given the present circumstances of the world.
While we on one hand encourage you to find any reason, any way for you to relax your body, your breathing, your train of thought and feeling, we also encourage you to be utterly kind, patient, and forgiving of yourself and others at this time.
As emotions run high and outcomes are both “high stakes” and unknown, you will have moments when your brain’s survival mechanisms seem to be sending “danger” signals to every part of your mind and body, to warn you to step back from a situation that feels to the brain to be threatening your existence or at least familiar ways of life.
What is interesting, is that you have the capacity for understanding, at this moment on Earth’s timeline and in your own life, that those signals are not there to keep you safe from the predator in the woods, so much as signal to you that all the old social, political, and economic structures are fading more than ever now, as new ones come into view.
Yes, this situation was designed to put you into survival mode—a high level of vulnerability—and to keep you there for weeks or months at a time.
And yet, due to the Ascension energies and higher Light data now reaching the Earth, that is not fully what is happening, despite the moments in which you feel worried or overstretched.
What is happening more and more for each of you is far greater.
For one, there is a unifying wave of thought energy moving across the Earth and Her population, asking not only for good health and well-being, but that human beings support one another now in ways that in the past, would have been rare to impossible.
There is already a web that stretches across the planet, interweaving and interconnecting every life with every other life, and you are aware of this interconnection.
Some call it the “inner-net”—the sea of consciousness in which all life meets, mingles, and intersects, flowing together as molecules in a great river that eventually reaches the sea.
You are now in constant inner connection with one another, across all national and cultural boundaries, in both word and in intent.
And you are coming to realize your interconnection and Oneness in ways that had not struck as possible you before now.
So that far from experiencing disconnection and separatism out of fear that another might infect you, either with illness or increased fear and stress, you are actually coming to understand the innumerable ways in which you constantly connect with one another.
That connection flows into a single, upward moving consciousness.
Yes, there are the times when individuals will retreat in fear and suspicion, when they may speak or imagine the worst occurring for them or others, or behave impulsively and aggressively in public—certainly, that has been occurring.
But it is not the predominant theme or vibration of what you are experiencing now.
That vibration is still a high and refined note that has not been sung in human consciousness for millennia.
For another, be aware that this heart-opening of compassion—a decision to sort of sit down and sing together until the storm passes—has made it possible to raise the vibration of humankind and all animals to where galactic and Angelic intervention is far more easily achieved.
This is particularly true now that so many are actively calling that forth.
Understand that the members of the Ashtar Command are fully apprised at every hour of what is occurring now in your governments, your populous, and your planetary vibration. 
We are all working more extensively now than ever to assist you, not only to stem the flow of further suffering, but to lift the emotional vibration of Earth life to where even more help can arrive.
None of that would be possible without all of you, and your dedicated, ongoing work in enacting your Earth mission with great involvement—a heart-centered Love of humanity and Earth Herself, and of Divine service.
You are our inroad to breaking through the shell that has surrounded Earth for so long, preventing us from offering the kind of assistance that you now usher in and call forth, and take part in yourselves.
So that while you may observe certain counties, cities, or countries on “lockdown,” we assure you, planet Earth Herself is not under such.
Though the shadow plan was to create exactly a situation in which, etherically, that was the case, that plan has failed.
We see as well many who have in the past given themselves over to the shadow realm, now stepping forward and joining the presence and consciousness of the higher Light.
They are abandoning their former willingness to aid those who stand for destruction and the narrow, short-lived gains of material power, to assist those who stand in and for Divine Light.
We wish you to understand that your growth during this time, individually and collectively as a human race, is unprecedented.
You are releasing many things that have hindered your path or kept you from knowing your true power and value as a Light Being on Earth in human form.
Some of you will be releasing addictions to certain foods or drink, drugs, cigarettes, or television, as you move off of these distractions and realize you no longer need them.
You will find you desire to go to sleep earlier each night, to drink more pure water during the day, to have more moments of silence where no thoughts are needed, and to have a greater connection to Nature.
You will find you are less likely to judge another or yourself, to realize those areas of your life you need to pay more loving attention to.
And to realize as well, the great game played on humanity, that this or that political party is your only safe haven from the Other—the other parties, or countries, or similar threat—the Them you have been taught to fear, mistrust, or despise.
You will increasingly release interest in separatism of any kind, as you understand that There is only a Oneness of all life, now and always.
In these moments, you begin to take on many of the attributes of your beautiful higher selves.
In return, your higher selves then find it easier to meld their energies with yours.
It is so, that your inner awareness of the increased presence of galactic brothers and sisters around and upon the planet at this time (and going forward), has quietly reminded you that you are not alone.
Reminded you that you are once again becoming part of a great intergalactic confederation of worlds.
And that as one expression of Life on one planet, amongst many billions, even trillions, you stand in awe at the integration of so many viewpoints, cultures, languages, and ideas.
All are not shaped as you, nor do they all think or feel or experience Life as you do.
And yet—such diversity serves you far more now, as you come to grasp its significance for Earth life, than you could possibly know at present.
In all of this, you are loved, watched over, protected, and guided forward on your chosen path by those you have chosen to assist you.
You are still co-Creator, dear ones, regardless of what any one situation or group seem to be saying.
You are still a god/goddess, wherever you may be in the Universe, whatever you may face.
And you are never alone.
Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, now and always.
Caroline Oceana Ryan
Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2020.

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