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Via Sharon Stewart

February 15, 2020




Athena: That which excites you IS you.
My post: I was thinking of how some people really like power posts or power memes like this one. Then Athena told me this: that the reason it excites you is because you're doing it.

I am Athena and I remain at your service always.
Yes, my love, I said that. What excites you IS you. You sense higher energies by feeling excitement, love, bliss, happiness.

When something excites you it is because you want to do it or you are doing it. When you see a post about light warriors fighting the dark - and you become excited, it is because you are doing this at night time. Do not confuse excitement with anxiety or fear, these are different states.

To those who wish to understand more about their true selves, understand this simple rule. Your excitement leads you to the truth of who you are. Your higher vibration can be sensed in the lower fields by you. Look at what makes you happy. Look at what makes you excited. Look at what you feel would make you happy in doing.

So many wonder, "Who am I?" Well, this will give you important clues.

Me: What makes me happy is growing these beautiful plants. What excites me is extraterrestrials. It always has. I've always been interested in spirituality as well. I studied mediumship and turned out to be a channeler.

Athena: Follow your bliss. Follow what excites you. It is you. These lower states you live in : fear, unhappiness, angst, depression, anger... these are the states of those who mind control you, not of yourself. You didn't come here to be like them, you came here to re-discover yourselves.

Me: Thanks Athena.

Athena: I came to earth to love her once, and now I have returned. This is my bliss. ​
Sharon Stewart

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