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day 8.

From upgrade and into retrograde. Mercury goes retrograde on July 7th initiating three weeks of contemplation and self-analysis. Chrion goes retrograde on the 8th offering us the opportunity to heal both our individual and collective wounds. With the movement now of these two planets there will be a total of 6 planets in retrograde. Mercury, Chrion, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Generally retrogrades slow the energy down enabling us to rest, process and integrate. However, with these retrogrades occurring within an Eclipse portal the energy is being accelerated pushing us into our inner worlds to experience a profound transformation

You have shifted timelines and crossed dimension to retrieve long forgotten aspects of your soul. You have accepted your pain, your grief and your suffering. You have healed, aligned and reunited all aspects of yourself over and over again so that you may move forward unhindered by your past. Now you are being called to descend into the depths of your soul to access your hidden qualities, which will enable you to ascend into elevated aspects of your being to gather wisdom, insight and clarity.

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