A Vision for Freeing The Elements.

The Vision Alignment Project


Our Vision for today comes in from Elaine444 and it speaks of a time we once enjoyed and a time we will return to again. Thank You, Elaine! She says:

We envision a world where all the gold and silver, and precious gems and metals and natural resources, that have been held in bondage by a few, are freed. We see them free to move around and begin to flow into the homes and the lives of every man, woman and child on earth.

We see the celebration when the elements and the minerals begin to sing with joy as they fulfill their purpose - to bring security and abundance and beauty to every soul living upon Gaia.

We feel the joy of the people as the gratitude wells up within them, and they welcome this beauty into their homes and their lives and their cities and their towns, and the lives of everyone else that they love.

We celebrate freedom and we welcome the elements home again.


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