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daily inspiration 22 may 2019.


We cannot continue to walk the same old paths, doing the same old things, feeling the same old familiar emotions and thinking through the same old thoughts. New potentials are emerging to reform our world and enable us as a collective to push forward together. This is an exciting time as we rediscover the value and worth of a soul guided, a soul directed, reality.

This hasn't been the easiest of times as all that is no longer relevant or useful is being purged. However, as you adapt to the inner shifts and changes a deeper awareness of your soul will become more evident. This awareness will guide you to that which has value, worth and supports the building of your new life. Know that you have changed and you fully able to integrate yourself into the new emerging reality. The past is in the past. Let it stay there. Set your course and commit to your path. Make wise and considered choices and direct your life from a place of love.
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