With and Through Each of You.

Teacher: The Beloved One.

Message received by Lytske

Urantia, April 6, 2019

Posted May 1, 2019


The Beloved One: “Joyful discoveries are to be made, increasingly so when you tune into Me in the Stillness of your heart. Let’s face it; you just never know what glad surprise or little lesson I have prepared for you. 

“At times, a most wonderful loving feeling and nurturing pervades you when you give Me your undivided attention, and you realize anew that each time you come to Me, a greater opening, a greater capacity to receive Me is happening. 

“Of course, these possibilities are inherent in all humankind. However, this is the grand discovery tour each soul must make for him or herself if they want to come closer to Me. The truth is that I am here all the time, but as the saying goes: ‘Those who seek shall find.’ 

“Continue each day to come to Me in the Silence, as step by tiny step you merge closer to your Partner for all eternity. You can go far in your mortal estate to partake of My divine essence. 

“How wonderful it is for Me when you lend Me your free will cooperation. 

“Angels rejoice when each day your light begins to shine just a little brighter. From this they know that your trust in Me is increasing, and that you have opened yourself to more of My leadings, so that heart, mind and soul become one in greater harmonious balance. 

“It is the steady forging ahead of an immortal soul, cheerfully doing the will of the Father in heaven. 

“This is the true purpose in life – for all to gain a greater trust, faith and closeness to the eternal Creator through their practical living experience in the flesh. 

“This is your gift back to God, who gave a Fragment of himself to experience this life with and through you.”
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