10 Questions That Make You Think about a Deeper Meaning of Life.

By Francesca F.

January 19th, 2019

questions that make you think.



The meaning of life is one of those questions that make you think.  It is one we all ask ourselves, but one which encompasses so many other questions.

Finding the meaning of life can be almost impossible. It depends on who you are, how old you are, and what is truly important to you. We each value different things at different times, but there are a number of questions that make you think about the little intricacies of life.
Life is so much more than can be boiled down to one question, so here are ten questions that make you think about life as a sum of its parts.
  1. What is more important, progression or preservation?
The human race is pushing for more innovation and the next big invention, but we are doing so at the cost of the world we live in. The environment is suffering at the hands of our progression.
In 2016, half of the Great Barrier Reef was announced be dead due to bleaching. Microplastics have been found within the human digestive system. With so many environmental concerns emerging, it makes you wonder whether the progression of technology is coming at the cost of the preservation of the world we live in and even our own health.

2.Are we getting smarter or lazier?

Technology is one of human kind’s crowning achievements. Technology is deeply integrated into our daily lives and makes life so much easier. It is true that we are able to do so much more with technology than we have in the past, but it may be making us lazy.
With more technology comes less need to think. We can ask our smartphones the answer to any question and we no longer have to do the work ourselves. It can make us lazy, finding shortcuts where possible and reducing our attention span when the internet can’t answer the question for us.

3.Why don’t we have a global language?

Communication is one of the most important skills people enjoy. It is curious, then, that we haven’t evolved some kind of global language spoken by all to enable communication to thrive. The importance of culture and heritage has stunted global integration and highlight the importance of who we are as people.

4.Why do we let money ruin lives when it is something we ourselves created?

One of the most important questions that make you think about the meaning of life is the meaning of money. Money controls literally every aspect of our lives, even though humans created it.
We allow it to ruin the lives of those in poverty and give control to those with more. We allow it to grant status and judge those with less than us.  Philosophically speaking, the conundrum of money as something created by humans but the maker of misery for many of us is troubling.

5.Can we truly have faith in something we can’t prove?

Religion is a curious thing to many. For those who don’t believe, it can be confusing how one can have faith in something we cannot see.
Religion is not the only thing we believe in which we cannot see. We believe in time, probability, and some believe in aliens. We cannot prove that these things exist even though some phenomena are observable, but trust that these things exist even though the things themselves cannot be seen.
It is curious that we have such blind faith in scientific things we cannot see and yet judge others for faith in religion.

6.If fear didn’t exist, what would you do?

Fear is something that holds us all back. Fear of being hurt, fear of rejection, fear of failure. If fear didn’t exist, what would you do? What would you strive for? What would you try to achieve?

7.Are we born who we are or do we become who we are through experience?

The old nature versus nurture debate questions how we become the people we are today. How much of us is made up of genetics and what do we learn as we grow up?
It makes you wonder how much of life is within our control or whether a certain amount of destiny is involved with our future selves.

8.Why do we value some lives more than others?

We tend to care and sympathize with those who suffer close to us rather than those who suffer at a distance. We allow oceans and vast distances to remove us from the suffering of others, even though we are aware that it’s happening.
It seems to make us value the lives of some more than others rather than striving for equality for all.

9.Can time move at different paces?

We all know the phrase time flies when you’re having fun, but is it true? When we’re bored we notice time move slower and when we are enjoying ourselves it seems to speed up.
Although the construct of time never changes its pace, our experience of it does. It makes you realize that we must make the most of the time that we have.

10.Is love truly the answer?

Love is the subject of hundreds of love songs, poetry, and art, but is it really the answer, and, if it is, what is it the answer to? We can find happiness in achievements and in our own personal lives, but do we need love to feel complete?
Questions that make you think about the meaning of life don’t necessarily have an answer but can make you think about the most important aspects of life.  These ten questions may help you realize what is truly important.

About the Author: Francesca F.

Francesca is a freelance writer currently studying a degree in Law and Philosophy. She has written for several blogs in a range of subjects across Lifestyle, Relationships and Health and Fitness. Her main pursuits are learning new innovative ways of keeping fit and healthy, as well as broadening her knowledge in as many areas as possible in order to achieve success.

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