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Posted November 21, 2019.


Introverts feel overwhelmed working in crowded environments, so conventional business ideas will probably not work for them.
If you’re anything like me, you probably dislike crowded working environments. You could be the person who just doesn’t like crowds, or you could actually be an introvert. Most introverts work better in small groups or even better, alone. For the introvert, this allows the imagination to flow freely, helping to integrate a few non-conventional ideas.
Business is not only for extroverts
Most people see the entrepreneur as a talkative person who loves to be around others. This is probably because of the misconception that entrepreneurs must have started their businesses only by the networking of others. They may also think that the more popular you are with people, the more successful you will be at starting your own business.
And yes, this is a misconception for sure. The introvert is just as likely to start their own business as the extrovert, there just might be a few different options for them.
Here are several business ideas for introverts:
1. The blogger
Of course, the first thing that comes to my mind is the blogger. That’s probably because it’s what I do myself. Blogging is a wonderful way for the introvert to make a successful business, as long as they find the right niche which fits their style of writing and voice. While it’s not always easy to do this, it allows them to open up a bit by relating and connecting with their readers.
2. House cleaning
I know many women who make their living cleaning houses for others, others who are busy working demanding jobs and have no time for cleaning, or maybe for those who can afford to pay someone to do the job. For whatever reason, house cleaning can be a lucrative job for introverts because it requires few exchanges with the client.
3. Bakers or caterers
As far as business goes, this idea for the introvert takes the cake. Hey, I had to throw in a joke there for good measure. I am acquainted with a lady who catered to many people before finally landing a large contract to work in a factory’s cafeteria. Although I wouldn’t call her too introverted, her catering idea is great for those who don’t want to be in a crowded environment.
Introverts can become bakers or caterers, and if the business starts to grow too fast or in too many crowded areas, they can always scale back.
4. Photo restoration
What better business idea than to become a restorer of old photos. This job can be extremely interesting whereas you get to view any type of old image and also spend minimal time around others. In fact, your customers can simply drop off their photos and come back at a set time. It’s among those business ideas that perfectly suit the introverts.
5. Sell online goods (Etsy)
If you have many craft ideas in mind, especially things you’ve never seen anywhere before, now’s the time to spread those introverted wings and create. Yes, one great business idea for you as an introvert is to sell your own goods. This can be anything from homemade jams to some trending new accessory. Your imagination is your drawing board, and there’s really no limit to where you can go with this.
6. Ebook author
Okay, so I wrote a book about 6 years ago, and guess what, I still get royalties. Now, mind you, I don’t get a great amount, but let’s just say each month’s royalty pays the utility bill. And it didn’t start out this way. At first, the royalties paid much more than a few bills.
So, as an introvert, investing in more than one book could possibly set you up for a career in ebook writing. I’ve seen it done before. Now, there’s just one catch. You have to know how to write. Just throwing that in there.
7. Artist
Painting, drawing, and sculpting are interesting to both extroverts and introverts. That’s why it’s a choice business idea for an introvert or anyone who wishes to limit human contact. In fact, painting takes lots of time alone, and time to experience the emotion behind what they’re creating. Whatever form of art it may be, introverts usually do really well in that area.
8. Lawn maintenance
There are so many people who hate to mow their lawn much less trim hedges or maintain flower beds. But guess what! There are plenty of opportunities for jobs like this, and they suit the introvert just fine. Just as the businesses listed above, lawn maintenance requires little interaction with the customer. You also have plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors and clear your mind.
9. The virtual assistant
If you’d rather stay indoors, there are a few options there as well. Being a virtual assistant may be the best choice for introverts who can work a bit with the client and some time alone as well.
If you’re wondering what the virtual assistants can do, well there are many things. They can take calls for you, provide content for websites, schedule appointments, and they can even create business document templates which can help the employer create faster powerpoint presentations and other marketing material. There are many more things a virtual assistant can do, but the most important, they can enjoy lots and lots of alone time.
10. Phone repairs and accessories
Since everyone seems to have a smartphone, it stands to reason that at some point, phones break. Here’s another opportunity for the introverted yet innovative mind. You can make a living not only repairing phones but also selling accessories to protect phones.
It may seem as though selling these accessories would hurt the repair part of your business, but not to worry. There are many other accessories as well such as screen protectors, cases, designer cases, and even bling to individualize the way the phone appears.
Business ideas like these will help introverts succeed
Just because you rather not be around many people, doesn’t mean you won’t fulfill your dreams, whatever that may be. It just means that your path will be different, and even more exciting in certain ways. An introvert’s potential is endless. This is only a short list of the many career choices available to the introvert. So, if you’re introverted, be proud. There’s also a successful future for you as well. 
Sherrie Hurd


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